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 Hello there gorgeous

Well,for the ones who are interested I am Anastasia:) I came to this strange planet 13 years ago and I blow out my candles on 15th May(any twins?)
I am Greek and I can speak Greek,English,Italian and veeeeery little French,
I love One Direction,Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.Thanks to witty I learnt about Cher Lloyd,Ed Sheeran and Little Mix.

For more information comment on my profile:D
So,until the next time live while you are young and stay beautiful :*

Quotes by becarefree

is it  so easy for boys to make friends and become popular even though they are new?
I will never be able to thank witty for
everything it has done to me.
I was here one year before making this account.It helped me become open-minded.

THANK YOU witty  <3

Me,my sisters any my father having dinner:
Dad: I heard that tomorrow the teachers will be on strike after 12 o'clock.
me: cool, maybe I won't do Ancient Greek!The teacher will be on strike definitely ;)
my young sister: I don't want to have twins.
all:staring at her like O.O

Honesty is the best policy.


And what if Steve's real

name isn't Steve?

Today I watched some old videos when I was
4-5.I didn't care for anything, I danced, sang and played with my dolls.And yes I realised that I want to live these years again and again. <3

And Εleanor Calder was a directioner before meeting Louis Tomlinson.
This gives me hope.
when I see her

I ask myself : How could we be best friends some years ago ?

when I have a problem
with my friends,family etc.
I sit down and think...
that my problems are nothing in front of the problems
the people in Africa have..People there are starving,they don't have clothes,they don't have enough money.
Then I think of people with cancer that are fighting right now to live,their families,their friends.

we should be thankful.

And girl like you don't know that

your boob/s are hanging out of your shirt 

and your bum is showing -.- 
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