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i like to think that
i really do floss enough, 
but the dentist just accidentally poked my gums
and told me to floss more so "it wont happen again."

I exercised once,
but found I was allergic to it.
My skin flushed and my heart raced.
I got sweaty and short of breath.

Very dangerous.


*My dad meeting our new neighbor*
*He has a top hat sitting on a stool next to him*

My dad: So are you a magician or something?
Neighbor: No.
My dad:
My dad:
I just believe every man should have a top hat.
              Girl 1: "Come on, do it! YOLO!"
              Girl 2: "Or as my cat would say, YOLNT."
              Girl 1: "Huh?"
              Girl 2: "You only live nine times."

           Life is either a

DaRinG aDvEntURe            



~Helen Keller

at my school: 

gets good grades: "why are you so smart? you make everyone feel bad!"
gets bad grades: "why are you so dumb? you make the entire school look bad!"
is skinny: "jeez you're so skinny, eat a little sometimes!"
is overweight: "gosh, why are you so fat? stop eating!"
doesn't wear designer clothes: "what are you? poor?"
wears designer clothes: "wow, you're stuck up and rich..."
plays sports: "you make us look bad in gym, stop playing."
doesn't play sports: "you're so lazy, do something already!"

society sucks. 
Written with a pen
Sealed with a kiss
If you are my friend
Please answer this:
Are we friends or are we not?
You told me once but i forgot
So tell me now and tell me true
So I can say I'm here for you
Of all the friends I've ever met
Your the ones I won't forget
And if I die before you do
I'll go to heaven and wait for you.
i'm in love with my bgf, but ever since the last day of school he hasn't even acknowledged my existence. 
he started to hang out with these two girls who used to close friends of mine but now just use me when
they need something. i really miss him, but he won't answer my texts...its breaking my heart, especially 
since i wont see him next year cause he's switching schools. </3

thanks for reading this, i just needed to vent. 

thousands of MEN will die

of STUBBORNNESS this year.