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Hey the names Rebecca and I'm fourteeen and in highschool. I love it, i thought that it was going to be horrible but i made new friends and am having a great time. Uhhh, I'm trying out for lacrosse in the spring and i might be on the swim team. I love my friends and we have the best times together. Well, love all you witty people. Stay strong. <3 

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Quotes by beckaaaaaaay

There I was again tonight, forcing laughter faking smiles. Same old tired lonely place...

Being called fat/ugly/dumb hurts;

I know the feeling. I unfortunately call people those those names too and it hurts knowing I could be making someones self-esteem plummit like mine has. It hurts knowing I make people feel bad about themselves. I know some people I know have witty's  and I just want to publicaly APOLIGIZE for everything mean I have EVER said to you guy's or anyone. I mean it.



grammatically correct 99.9% of the time because you're a boss.


You'd Think
           that because I'm insecure I'd be so nice to people. Wrong, I'm a female dog.    

Yeatroll oFB.           
        Guess who doesn't give a flying fruitsnack          


I Think
I just hate Pretty Little Liars so

much because everyone loves it so much.

^my format!:)

           to think that such pretty girls can carry such ugly frowns, cheer up.    

I really wish
I could use "profanity" on witty right now.
Why? So I can go off on some of you girls
because all of you claim you don't like drama,
then you go and comment on peoples quotes and
get mad because they get more faves then you.
Grow up. And yes I'm complaining about
complaining, get over it.

Spend a day
as me boy, you couldn't get the shoes to fit. ♥


The r e    I   w a s   a g a i n    t o nig'h t,

forcing laughter, faking smiles,

same old tired lonnely place.


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