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its my dead best friends birthday on thursday.

she killedshe

its my birthday next week :D
but it is also my best friend that killed herself's birthday.
Yay :'(

I just want some one;
to hear my silent screams.

I'd give away 1000 days,
just to have another 1 with you. 

does anyone really love me? or do they just say they do, to make me feel ok.

i just want...

Someone to realise that im not always as happy as what i look. 
Someone to tell me they care.
Someone to prove to me that I am loved.
- because at the moment, i just cant handle it anymore -


Before i leave my room i practice

 s m i l i n g

so it doesnt look like ive been crying


Everyone thinks it hurts me

because i didnt get to say godbye

it hurts because if you had told me, i would have jumped too.


Theres a million ways to show your devotion
so many ways to sway my emotions

Jump out your car in the middle of the street