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Hunger Games
"I refuse to be another piece in
their [his] games."
Hating someone so much 
it just makes you wanna punch a baby.
Keeping the Innocence
He's not worth my time and tears
Stay Fly Hun









Quotes by beentheredonethat


How can one person be

just so perfect?



Fall back into me
Trust that I'll catch you.


So many other girls in this school

and you have to pick me to tool around with?


When all those shadows
     Almost killed your light.

Who will save your soul
After all the lies you told


How am i so
tangled up in you?

Hunger Games Chat Up Lines #6
That wasn't the cannon.
It was just my heart beating for you.

Hunger Games Chat Up Lines #5
Hey I'd let you stab my mahogany any day!

Hunger Games Chat Up Lines #4
Without you.. My life would be CATO- Strophic.

Hunger Games Chat Up Lines #3
So.. What are the odds of you being in my favor?(;