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 dose anyone rember the old witty? i do i made my old account in 2009. but do you remember when not all the quotes came from daddy or spageheti when there was no lasagna or horses tramplign on my intestines when no one would dare go on someones profile and say your so limp noodle just randomly can you belive that is actully happening on witty today i have seen so many people saying the want to leave witty because of all this and do you rember when the term"witty famous" was actully legit because the top quotes were ruled by damnncappuccinox,jayciegunge01,nashgreer672 and all the 1876's kids and dose anyone rember when we we were just a witty family i mean what happend  

ive decided to leave witty becauyse of the lasagna inceditn and im so sorry 

 i miss the old noodles

N 1 G G 3 R

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flapper girl
 nash greer 
i need lasgans
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My dad was the most wonderful man I had ever met. He made me lasagna, and when I felt I had to move on to spaghetti he made me that. But the man ate it, he didn't give me any. There's a gaping hole in my heart.

hard noodles
             then  (mountains) I could eat   

i feel alone without my lasagna

he ran out on me when i needed him

he is all i  WANT ED.

my dad has been here for me through thick and thin 
i dont know what to do about the speghattdi....
please dad


im not oka im never gojna be okay. not without my lasagna. ehllpme im so lonleny and scared. i miss u.

when you think you knwo somebody but they betray you its worst than any feeling int he world :(
don't you hate when you'r dad eats all the speghatti..

 i honestly thoguht i could trust him...