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Hello dear stranger,
My name is Lena and i am an 11 year old girl from beautiful Australia who enjoys Photography, art, music & spending time with friends. Just letting you know that my profile is
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Life hard?

Let me make it easier for you



Getting a really good Witty Quote

 & it ends up getting




"pffft it's just a shower"

 "You mean the

one-way ticket




I  was once

b l i n d e d
by love</3

Who are you to tell me

W h o  I  a m<3

Please don't be in love

W i t h   s o m e o n e   e l s e<3

Fav'ing your own quotes

So you don't feel lonely:)

You've got a girl

Who doesn't look a thing like me

If you gave me a dollar for every time I look at you


>>Id be able to buy you<<

Taylor – back to December

Miley – permanent December

Demi- Remember December


Me – Can someone please tell me what happened in December??