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Quotes by Bellatrixy101*

I walked away
but, was it the right decision? 

A new beginning
A fresh start
A chance to do it right
This time, just for me
Everything will work out in my favor
Yup, just anxiety
I feel like you are no longer interested in me. To me, it seems like I am a burden to hang out with, like I'm intruding in your life. If you don't want me anymore, just tell me. And don't bullshit me with "I don't want to hinder your future relationships...". It's my life and if people I'm interested in aren't down for how I want to live my life, then they weren't meant for me. I understand where you are coming from, but I wasn't born yesterday. Please just me honest with me
Even though you both care a lot about each other, doesn't mean it's going to always be easy or work out the way you want
You are not responsible for someone else's happiness
When you're getting to know new people and you realize you both are the same type of nerd
Just because they read your message and have not replied yet is not your fault
Venus retrograde has me in a chokehold 
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