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Just a 25 year old trying to figure her life out

Quotes by Bellatrixy101*

Just got cast in a musical and I'll be assistant stage managing a show... it's going to be a busy 4 months 

it's that time again where I close myself off emotionally 

I can't tell if I am being overly sensative because of rejection sensitive dysphoria or they are just giving me emotional whiplash
Shine bright, starshine. It's your time to show the night sky your sparkle
It's not your fault, you are not broken. 
I am worthy of being loved. 
Just because they are in a bad mood, does not make it your responsibility to make them feel better

I may not be the best with my words, but please know that I care about you 

Relax, it's not as big of a deal as you think it is.
Looking back to where I was at the begining of the year, I could never have predictied that I would be here
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