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My name is Tatum if you couldnt tell from the heading. I love volleyball, i forget about everything when i step onto that court nothing else matters. I wanna become a model one day, which i doubt. I wanna make a difference in this world, I wanna leave being loved. I have a boyfriend, of four months. 3/10/11. He is beautiful to me.I've been played, used, cheated on, hurt, broken, torn apart, and walked on. But I didn't let that define me, I let it make me stronger. You're beautiful

Quotes by bemine

there I sat, clueless. Not knowing
What they were doing. .
k n o w i n g   n o w     I   c a n t   l o o k   a t   t h e m   t h e   s a m e .
I keep thinking
why wasn't I good enough?
WHat did i do to deserve this?


I should hate him, I really should.
I should not have f o r g a v e him. I should not have taken him back
so quickly. I should not have given her a second chance, I should have

sent her through hell like they did to me. But i cant because I'm in love with him.



Deafened by your silence
blinded by the tears
If you looking for f o r g i v e n e s s 
you won't find that here
Because you lied your way to heartbreak
And now, i t s  a l l  t o  c l e a r.
You will, never be.


So hold me WHEN I'M here
Right me when I'm wrong
hold me when I'm scared, and
love me when I'm gone

Look at her
she won't ever compare
you can say you're sorry
but I still don't care, was she
worth this mess? Was she
worth this pain? You can say
it's her fault, but you're both
to blame. You will never be.


 -Julia Sheer.

you have when you wake up in the morning after you've just cried yourself to sleep.


touch him,
and get hit.
Iju st exp ie renc ed  true heartbreak
heartbreak where I sat on my bathroom floor clutching my stomach literally holding myself together, trying so hard not to do something stupid. Praying, asking God that he come to me and help me through this. Bawling til nothing more came out. ♥ Now thats what i call true heart break.