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Quotes by berries

& you
  don't even  
how much
that I happen

to love YOU.


even when we both say it to each other.

I can tell
by your sarcastic

rude comments, && sheer lack of common decency ,that we're going to be friends  in

No time. ♥


The only thing we need to know ,we learned in kindergarten,

boys are stupid.

how do five gays walk down the street?

In One Direction.

A good-bye without reason is the most painful one....
A love without reason is the most beautiful one ♥

i am soo not ,over you .

"screw relationships"

"I have cats!"

❒ single
❒ taken

✔ wandering the earth as an awkward penguin.


LOL moment # 4
when your kitten is sleeping by you in bed, then all of a sudden decides to go all ninja on your nose >.< ♥