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Quotes by bfaeerin4life

&what i don't understand is:
what makes one person better than another?
what right does anyone have to judge another human being?
and who appointed them the rulers of the world?
all i ever wanted,
was to have a boy tell me
he loved me

and be awake when it happened.
i love you so much,
it hurts inside.

i'll never get sick of your smile,
even when its not me your giving it to.
and i'll never lose hope,
no matter how much everyone wants me to.

it's simple- i love you
no matter who you love.
"Life sucks,
                then you die."

-Jacob Black
raise your glass high,
this is for all the boys who can't see how much we need them to see us for who we are.

raise your glass high,
this is for all the tears we've shed, while laying in our bed, waiting for things to make sense.

raise your glass high,
this is for all of your mistakes, the ones that only made your existence more miserable.

raise your glass high,
this is for the time wasted on petty lines, designed to catpure a man's heart but always failing.

put your glass down,
you're only making things worse for yourself.
you make my face hurt,
because when you're around I smile so hard I'm afraid my cheeks will explode.

your glittering eyes and shattering lies ruined my life today.
I hate you,
because you never look at me
and because you won't stop looking at her.

I despise you,
because you flirt all the time,
but you won't give me the time of day when she's around.

I wanna punch you,
because I dress up like someone I'm not for you,
but you like her outift better.

I resist the urge to scream at you,
because your smile stuns me silent,
but its brought on by hers.

And this all bothers me,
because I love you,
but your to busy with her to notice.

its like walking to the bathroom in every class just because he might see you
its like staring at your teacher the whole class but not hearing anything he says because you were daydreaming
its like smiling right before you fall asleep knowing he'll make an appearence in your dreams
its like trying to be cool but sounding like a jerk/nerd
its like going to the dances and making yourself sick, you're so worried he'll hate your outfit or think your moves are to flashy
its like being a hopeless romantic, in love with a boy, who lets be honest, is out of your league