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Quotes by bfaeerin4life

as I look up to the sky to count the stars 
I wonder if you see them where you are,
"We watched zombies eat people.
it was great."

-twilight <3

i look outisde
its raining pretty damn hard
the trees sway to a silent beat

i go outside
its raining pretty damn hard
my hair twirls and swirls to some mysterious ballet

i kick off my boots
its raining pretty damn hard
you grab my hand on some random impulse.

i dance around, your hand in mine
its raining pretty damn hard
but we don't mind

Promise me your kidding when there's bad news
Promise me your sorry when you didn't even do anything wrong
Promise me you love me when you know i need to hear it
Promise me you'll stay when i'm leaving
&& most importantly stick to your promises.
&& here's to being love with someone, who is isn't in love with you.
the only reason girls say that they are fat or that they are ugly, is so that a guy will tell them otherwise. <3

if you were planning a romantic getaway,
you really screwed it up.
your armor was looking dull
and my spotlight was fading.
your words reached my ears but my brain couldn't comprehend
if we were so "in love"
then why did it have to
when the whole world is waiting by watching ,
do you really know wat is happening?
it seems like the whole world is standing by
 it is getting harder not to screw up.
be cuz wen the whole world's there,
there is everyone to impress ,
and                   noone                            left                        to

laa dee daa

evrything hurts

&& laa dee daa

its crushed my whole world

laa dee daaa

it's all overr

laa daa dee

you screwed evrything up for me

daa laaa deee

its worse then it was b4 meee

-she screamsss-

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