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Quotes by bfaeerin4life

&&& you knoe she ins't happy.

she's shure the world's gone mad.

if evryone wanted her so badly

why did they push her so far?

they think as long as you explain yourself clearly

evryone is gonna listen

she asks herself why she's still standing

the reason she asks is: if you only had one person left by you


why would you push them too?

jelous was hating your gf.
crazy was telling her so.
stupid was thinking you'd care at all.
and hurt was losing control....
crazy is just a reason for people to act up;;
and perfection is impossible. so honey look up and realize the person you really need has always been rite by your side....
flirting is writing in his notebook when he isn't around.
falling is writing in your notebook evrything you wish you could say.
you nevr needed me,
you just needed someone to tell you
that you were perfect in evryway,
and looked good as arm candy.
i'm sorry i couldn't keep up,
honey i fell in love....
sadly now that its ovr,
after evrything's gone down,
i sit hear
all alone
at night
and i wonder
where i went wrong....
&& crazy as it may seem,
i've fallen for the boy
who pushed me away.
&&& woah crazy!
he's has fallen just as hard....
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jo aan
looks like so:

isn't she hideous.
here is a mustache man:
this is a burger [ora hotdog]:

this is "pong" [ travisinsists]:

" i'm justa notch in your bedpost but you're just a line ina song."

fall out boy
" sugar we're goin down"
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