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Quotes by bfaeerin4life

i can yell all i want, throw fits galore. but in the end you'll walk away knowing you did what you thought best. and i'll walk away thinking that i'm the worst comeback artist.
" call ya later"
! 5 seconds pass !
* ringa ding ding*
" woah! what took you so long?"
" i'm fat."
" sure you are."
"what's that supposed to mean?"
" hey! i play SPORTZ, i gata right to call YOU fat."
sure practices suck, buuut i do love being the bestttttt
your the reason i get up everymorning. (execpt fer teh fact that if i didn't the school would bring me to court).
look me in the eye tell me you love me.
then i'll leave, only then.
laugh laugh
lies lies
fake smile

glad that's over
look in the mirror. what do you see?
i see me, i like me. i'm fine. i look great. and if i were a guy, i'd like me. i'd like you too.
when i dream about things, your my prince charming.
*smile* " you look nice today, and is that holister i smell?"
*blush* " yeah"
*smile* " smells nice"
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