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bianca1602's Favorite Quotes


Sir sir (why) are you following me?
Please leave me be.
I don't want to feel your k(is)s,
Not on my thigh, not on (my wrist).

Sir sir I need you here.
For get what I said,
I want you here.
Kiss me everyhwere

Give me my (s)in.
I wan(t) to feel your kiss on my skin.
You make me feel (a)l(i)ve,
(N)o ne(ed) to lie.

Silver sharp features,
Only will let out my creatures.
Forget the pain,
Make me sane.

Close my eyes.
My last b(r)eath is a sigh.
Drown m(e) in your crisom tears,
I (d)on't want to be here.

Panic! at the Disco seems to have a bit different
 of a music style every time a new album comes out.
I would love if their next album was
death metal and screamo

          Girl: *making fun of me during lunch because I whisper to myself*
          Girl: *mocking me*
          *in English next period*
          Girl: *walks up to me* *mocks my whispering*
          Entire Classroom: *gasps*
          Teacher: *turns around in shock*
          Me: ...
          Student: He speaks.

Anlet'raisglastall the people
who kept their usernames


          Me: *listening to Pandora*
          Pandora: *ad comes up*
          Pandora: *some pop song plays in ad*
          My sister: Finally a good song.
          Pandora: *ad ends*
          Me: That was a horrible song
          My sister: As if this one's any better.
          Me: It's My Chemical Romance.
          Me: It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish.
          My sister: *sarcastically* Omg you're so funny.
          Me: It's the song title...

black friday is just a moshpit for moms.

Me: Cries when I can't go to a concert

Me: Cries when I can go to a concert

Me: Cries when a band is playing near me

Me: Cries when band members from different bands are friends

Me: Cries about bands

"Don't let anyone try to
convince you you can't do
anything simply because
you're female.
Start a band,
write a book,
become a doctor,
change the world."


 - - -
we're saying it's okay to be messed up,
there are other people just like you
and if we stick together, we'll get through this.
- gerard way
- - -


Juliet loves the beat
and the lus.t it commands
Drop the dagger
and lather
the blood on your hands


The Sharpest Lives; My Chemical Romance