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30 days, 30 letters

             Dear (someone I wish I could meet): Rachel Zoe.
You are AHMAZING<3
                             your future employee (I swear)

30 days, 30 letters

             Dear Favorite internet friend: Val.
       Hi. See you at school.Bye  J

30 days, 30 letters
Dear ex-crush Kariem
          Um, yea hi, yeah you suck… a lot. You were cool and sweet in the beginning, then u became a lurker, and somewhat of a freak and I started noticing other people… And say hi to your best friend for me. Yea I mean the one that got kneed in the face J
           P.S I liked him before you, and just saying he’s like 10times cuter. ;)
sillygoose/luckymushroom <3
30 days, 30 letters

Dear stranger,
like unicorns!
                        P.S.your banana is ringing,go          
                                            pick it up. >D

30 days, 30 letters
            Dear dreams,
Why is "
HE in them?
30 days, 30 letters

                Dear Norci,   
          Growing up with you was like the best! But I haven’t seen in you since like 2005… I think? Either way, it’s been way to long; you need to leave Hungary this summer!
(btw I made your name green just because u hate Fradi ;D ).
30 days, 30 letters.

                        Dearlovely parents,
Yea, you guys are pretty great, even though you are over protective, naggy, and  lately … weird.But I’lllive with it… till I’m 18 anyways. Love’ya guys.<3
30 days, 30 letters.
                        Dear crush,

       Hi…Bye. (since that’s all we’ve said to each other since last week.) ¤______¤
30 days, 30 letters
          Day 1.
Dear Best Friend,
Olgie : You are like the awesome-est person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and I’m pretty sad we aren’t in any classes together this year… SUCKS!  Anyways, I love how we can share anything. You legit know everything about me, I swear. Don’t ever cut your hair, or I’ll tell Hugh your plan to kidnap him ;).

Bob is good friends with Shirley and Kelly. One day,
 Bob asks Shirley whether or not Kelly likes Jeff
                          because Bob talks
to Kelly about Jeff but doesn't
                                       know him personally. Why does Bob ask