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Big Time Rush <3

Quotes by bieberette

stop trying to be what society wants to shove down your throat...
-Kendall Schmidt <3

Before I die, I want to sneak into a celebrity's house, hide in their closet & scare them half to death when they open the door :)
I don't know why girls feel the need to wear make-up all the time. A little bit is fine but sometimes it just looks ugly...
-Carlos Pena (@TheCarlosPena)
Dream about what you want! Start creating your own reality! Work hard for it and the rest will follow!hing 
-Logan Henderson (@1loganhenderson)
remember, when somone gives you crap, it's coming from their own insecurities
-Kendall Schmidt, Big Time Rush
i bought you this gift of memories...
words intertwined with melodies...
yeah we've had our friends and our enemies...
but i don't like to reminisce like this...

-Kendall Schmidt, Memories & Melodies

til I Forget About You
Chapter 18: Til I forget about you… [Part 2] (Kendall’s P.O.V) 
“So does Kames exist?”
Nicolette’s question kept replaying in my head. Did it exist? Obviously not, as if James would like me. I’ll admit, if I would go for a guy, I would totally go for James but like he would go for me. I’m arrogant, have anger management issues, my eye brows are huge & I’m ugly. No it didn’t exist.
“It doesn’t sadly,” I said, only half-jokingly. It was half-true I would so go for James. He has a lot going for him. he cold be a singer, well he is, he could be a model with that body, he could be a hockey player, that’s about it. He’s not the smartest but he’s freaking perfect & I don’t think I have ever thought like this before. OH MY GOSH!!
“Kendall? KENDALL!!” I heard James yell at me.
“Yeah man?” I replied not really knowing what to say.
“I just wanted to say hi.” All I could think was what!?

(James’ P.O.V)
Kendall was scaring me in a hot way. He stared at the wall for like 5 minutes, it’s unnaturally sexy. But what did he mean by ‘I doesn’t sadly’? Did he like me? Was he just trying to play with me? This is so not cool! I want to know. I am James Diamond, I know everything when I want to. But those eyes are so cute. I wish I had them. I have stupid hazel & I wish I had his blonde hair. I have boring brown.
He has so much going for him, he could be a hockey player, model, guitarist & he is a singer which is so- now he is licking his lips, great. That’s one of my weaknesses. I am obsessed with his lips. Do you know how many times I just wish I could kiss him and scream out at the top of my lungs- “I LOVE YOU KENDALL!!” I clicked out of my thoughts; realizing what I just said, out loud, with Kendall in the room.
I looked over to Logan & Carlos both jaws dropped. I then turned my head to Kendall. “uh, I can explain what I just sa-” I was interrupted when I felt his lips on mine, HIS LIPS ON MINE? Kendall Knight was kissing me? We broke apart and I felt his breathe on my face.
“Don’t worry James, I love you too”…

til I Forget About You
Chapter 18: Til I forget about you… [Part 1] (Logan’s P.O.V)
Carlos is so cute. He’s like this little ball of energy just ready to explode and he is a great kisser. I was pleasantly surprised. Now why can’t James & Kendall realize they are perfect for each other and stop moping around all day? Awkward silence filled the room. I decided to speak to break it.
“Well..their isn’t really much left to the story. Kendall & James are now back to normal and everything is fine.”
“Do you have any questions Nicolette?” James asked.
“Yeah, does Cargan like exist now.” I saw Carlos blush and felt my cheeks burning up too.
“Yeah…kinda,” I said and pecked my boyfriend on the cheek.

(Carlos’ P.O.V)
I love how Logan can just kiss me and I can kiss him with no awkwardness. That was what I was afraid of before telling him I love him, awkwardness. But now, I love that I told him. But James kept feeling uncomfortable and Kendall looked weirdly at James. Something must be going on. I am now convinced that James likes Kendall. You can totally tell. But my thoughts were interrupted by another question. One that neither James or Kendall would want to hear.
“So does Kames exist?”…
til I Forget About You
Chapter 17: Loosing my mind, that’s all I can do. (Kendall’s P.O.V)
Aww, how sweet Logan and Carlos found each other, FINALLY!! Now when will the ‘ames’ in ‘Kames’ move his butt and ask me out? I was kind of lost in my thoughts when Nicolette asked me to continue the story. I didn’t really want to continue but I only had experience with this so I continued. “I tried escaping too. After they found me in the car park-”
“Completely naked,” James interrupted. I felt blush creeping onto my cheeks. It was so not cool because I was loosing my mind at the time and I missed them and it was kinda embarrassing.
“Yes I was naked, thank you James,” I said. “After they found me they put me in a high security room. Plus they strapped me to a chair. Not the very best therapy.”
“I had to go counselling,” James said happily. Wait…why happily? I saw Logan & Carlos cuddling up against each other. They were so cute together.
“Why are you so happy about it?” I asked because WHY WAS HE SO HAPPY ABOUT IT?
“Because it was a success, unlike yours,” He answered. I was lost for words and I couldn’t believe he just said that. I was ready to kick his leg.
“Kendall, don’t kick him.” Nicolette said. She obviously wanted to keep this interview at least PG. It was going into a teen magazine.
“Hmm…Logan not now…” Carlos moaned. Well so much for the whole ‘PG’ thing.
“Yeah Logan, not now,” I said because really, now wasn’t the time to kiss his Carlos.
“No Logan. You can do whatever you want right now.” James said pointing his eyes at me. What did I ever do to him? He had no right to glare at me like that. So I returned the favour. It seemed like forever. His hazel eyes were so sexy. I could imagine him all wet and sweaty, his long d*ck in my mouth…OH! I was clicked out of my dirty James thought when Logan said,
“Stop eye-f*cking guys,” We both looked towards him.
I could’ve ‘eye-f*cked’ all day with James if I could...

i bet you didn't notice...
first time your heart was broken...
you called me up and we...
talked to the morning... <3

-Big Time Rush, You're Not Alone