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Quotes by bieberlover11

- I just found out my grandpa died today
- He was 74 years old.
- & i know this isnt pretty. but do you thinki i could get 74 faves? I miss you grandpa!
-* Im 99% sure he doesn't like me
 its that 1% that gives me hope.
& I wonder if I ever cross your mind..
For me it happens all the time
- The most disapointing time to look at the clock
                                     Good Songs?
im putting new songs on my ipod.
comment if you know any. (:

Goodbye 2010
Helloo 2011!

- I still havent had my first kiss yet. im thirteen and all my friends have. I hate being ugly.
I wish I was Pretty.
- I wish I had long blonde hair
- I wish I had beautiful blue eyes
- I wish I had a perfect skinny body, that I wasnt afraid to wear a bikini in
- I wish I had perfect skin
- I wish I had a boyfriend that would love me forever.
- But dont we all want that?
- Sometimes lifes just not fair.
              That Awkward Moment When

Your stopped at a red light and you make eye contact with the person in the car beside you
- Please dont be inlove with someone else </3
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