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Quotes by bigbootycutiee_13

why do guys always have perfect eyelashes they don't even use them
life is hard when your best friend is a 10 & you're a 4 and a half with a filter & good lighting
in a relationship one person is always right & the other person is a male
boys are so dumb like they could stab you in the face & they'd be like what's wrong what did i do why are you mad
the only ones who truly deserve you, are the ones who think they don't.
send your boyfriend booty pics before you go to bed & i promise you will wake up to a five paragraph good morning text in MLA format
yes mom i know my room is a mess it's a metaphor for my life I'm trying to be poetic can you just let me live my life
i seriously fu/king hate my life.
eating magnets doesnt make you attractive; dont worry i tried
if you ever need a self confidence boost just have your mom post a decent picture of you on Facebook and read the comments