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Quotes by birdofthesummer

Looks like I'll be that girl graduating in a few weeks, filled with regrets about not telling my best friend I've been in love with him since the day I met him, as I watch him walk on that stage too.
I don't care if Witty's changed.
For me it will always be the one place I end up coming to when I'm completely broken.
I don't care if the top quotes aren't as good,
For me, I love going back to page one of my favorites and reliving how I felt when I faved each quote.
I relive the sadness, the ”this quote understands me”, the ”hahahaha”, the ”I feel your pain,” and most importantly,
The don't give up.
Don't you sometimes feel like escaping from it all?
Running away, no one knows you, it's a new life. You can truly fall in love with someone, without any background influences or thoughts. You can be yourself, you can find yourself. Make new memories. See new things. Learn about new people. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
We were on Skype the other night. I was wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants, had no makeup, and my hair was up.
Him: ”I keep looking at you and you just keep getting prettier. Like...God damn this girl is so pretty.”
Him: Hey you know what I forgot to do today?
Me: What?
Him: Tell you that you're really pretty.
Him: ”Because what I wanted is hard to find, but all of it shown at once? It's pretty rare. I just get a feeling. It feels right. Don't feel bad, I don't mind if you want to take it slow. It's just how I am, I can tell what I want. My intuition never let me down before. I haven't liked a girl like this in I dunno how long. I want to keep getting to know u too. I dunno anyone else who I'd rather be talking to at 3am. U do what I have to do, and I'll follow. I can support u wanted to take it slow. If anything I can show u I'll have your back no matter what.”
You know what sucks?
It sucks to be the girl with the walls up. The walls that cannot be penetrated. To be the girl who mistrusts all boys, because she knows what it's like to suffer through heartbreak.
What sucks is to be that girl, and then slowly have your walls crumble because of a boy who seems different.
It's scary because after all this time you're trusting someone to not hurt you.
What especially sucks is when that boy turns out to put you through the exact same painful heartbreak you were trying so hard to avoid before.
That's what sucks.
I'm everyone's go-to girl because I know what it's like to feel like you have nothing and no one.
I know what it's like to feel lonely.

I think I'm over you.
I think about everything you hid, your lies, everything wrong.
But then I think about your smile, your laugh, the way you say my name, the way you said you'll protect me, I think about all the good things.
And I fall for you all over again like it's the first day.
If you look at my quotes, you can see the progression from ”New Crush” to ”He's So Amazingly Different” to ”Wait...” to ”Heartbroken.”