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Quotes by bizzlebelles

You're Beautiful..



& I hope the sun shines
when it's a beautiful day
and something reminds you,

you wish you had stayed.



I hate to break it to you but
you're just a lonely star.



You lift my feet off the ground,
spin me around,  you make me crazier, crazier.
Feels like I'm falling and I,
I'm lost in your eyes.

You make me crazier, crazier.. Crazier.



D    e   s   p   e   r   a   t   e      m   i   n   d   s      m   e   a   n    s      
desperate  measures.

You've got to get this one together.
You're young and in love.

That should be enough..



You had me at hello.


Lay me down
and tell me
everything will be alright
things will be alright..



This could mean everything..
                          or nothing at all.


you showed me
what living

is for. I don't wanna
hide anymore..


& I'm lost in your eyes.