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the moon is like hope.
even in a time of darkness its always there to shed some light.


mine<3 :)

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I'll find someone

Like you.




Biggest Jock EVER Made.



Hey Witty Sisters, 
It's my 17th Birthday
today can I get 17 favs?

please? :)
If it weren't for this site and you girls I don't think I would have made it to 17.
Very thankful for all of you and Steve!!! <3


t h i s  t i m e ,
w o n t  y o u  s a v e  m e?

B  a  b  y     I     c  a  n     f   e  e  l    m  y  s  e  l  f    g  i  v  i  n  g    u  p  .

g    i   v   i    n   g      u    p

///That utterly sad moment when you realize your all alone.  \ \ \
[not alone, alone, ]
but when there are people around you but none of them actually care
or care what's going on with you or your life.

[ realising that you're alone. ]


-----> to make something special ;;
You have to believe that it's special.

kung fu panda

Sometimes when I’m adding a quote I wish they would have a depression category
not just vent...
Because these quotes aren’t vents anymore…

 I   w a n t  t o  b e   w i t h  y o u

>: (

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Im giving up,
Usually giving up is NEVER an option
but right now that’s all I can do…


I drove for miles just to find you
& find myself
All these screams
all these voices in my head
You gave me strength
gave me hope
for a lifetime

I     n e  v  e r      w  a  s      s   a   t   i   s    f   i   e   d   )

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