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hey there; i'm sarah(: talk to me; i'm pretty friendly and i'll talk to anyone about pretty much anything, i love conversation and meeting new people. i'm 14 and music is everything to me right along with food and friends and family. most people think i have a really easy life because they don't know me, but i've been through some pretty tough shit so don't underestimate me.

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Quotes by blink_

you said once that you don't love me and that you've never loved any girl. but i need to know, will that ever change? do you think you could fall in love with me? because every day i feel myself falling more and more and i just don't want to do this alone, i want to fall in love with you.

am i ok?!
of course i'm not ok. i loved you. i love you. and i thought you loved me back, so seeing you move on that fast hurt more than anything ever has.
am i mad?!
you can't honestly expect me to be happy with the fact that you broke my heart. do you have any idea how much you hurt me?!
i remember when...
we used to start and end every conversation with i love you. i remember when being with you was the best part of my day because even if it was just for five minutes, for five minutes i got to be with the one person that made me genuinely happy and truly cared about me. or so i thought. you were everything to me. it's like everything we had meant nothing to you. honestly, i'm not ready to let that go.


don't you dare tell me this isn't fair.

i KNOW it isn't fair.

this is your fault, so if you aren't happy with what's happening...

do something about it.

don't act like this is something that can't be changed. 


/vent. /breakup.

i don't care that you aren't mine;
i care that you don't even want to be. 
me: i love you :) 
him: guess what?
me: what?
him: i love you more :)

true story /love.


i was about to let go, but then you pulled me in and kissed me like it was all you've ever wanted. <3