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hey there; i'm sarah(: talk to me; i'm pretty friendly and i'll talk to anyone about pretty much anything, i love conversation and meeting new people. i'm 14 and music is everything to me right along with food and friends and family. most people think i have a really easy life because they don't know me, but i've been through some pretty tough shit so don't underestimate me.

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Quotes by blink_

if you expect to be let down
then when you aren't it's just that much better.
and if you are,
at least you're ready for it.

just because it's not pretty doesn't mean you shouldn't look at it./vent.

you make promises that you cant keep. and you flirt with girls you cant keep in the picture,
but the truth is that you make promises you dont feel like keeping.
and you flirt with girls who dont mean enough to keep in the picture.

but babe, when the right girl comes along.. she isnt gonna put up with that like everyone else.

 you said youd always be there for me to help with my problems;
but right now, my only problem is you
 "just in case no one told you today that they loved you from the bottom of their heart, i do."  ♥
here comes goodbye,
here comes the last the time.
here comes the start of every sleepless night,
the first of every tear i'm gonna cry. 

but here comes the pain.
here comes me wishing things had never changed,

and she was right here in my arms tonight,
but here comes goodbye.
 everybody tells me all i need is time,
but then the mornin rolls in and it hits me again,
and that ain't nothin but a lie </3
girl code #1
"i'm over him." = "i still love him. i just WANT to be over him."
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