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It amazing how one person can make everything feel right :)

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so confusing...
mine, redoing an old quote

besguy ever?


why do i have trust issues?

Because of raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip -_-

Him. Three little letters that mean the world to you.
pretty sure there are similar formats out there, but this ones all me, i pinky promise

I had an  
amazing day,
I made the lead role in the school play.
I got a good grade on my pre cal test.
I found an ice cream maker for $10.

until he came along 
and ruined it. 


though your heart is aching
smile, even though it's breaking.
when there are cloudin the sky,
you'll get by, 
if you just smile through your pain and sorrow,
smile, and maybe tomorrow,

you'll see the sun come 
shining through for you.

if i just dropped dead right now,
would my friends care? would they miss me? would anyone?

and all i want

is to be wanted


Never knew I
could feel like this.
ke I'vnever
seen the sky before.
t to vanish inside your kiss.
Seasons may change,
Winter to spring,
But I love you,
l the end of time.

What can you do
When your good isn't good enough
all that you touch tumbles down?
Because my best intentions
ep making a mess of things.
I just want to fix it somehow.
how many times will it take
To get it right?