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Hi, i'm lexa, age doesnt matter, yadda yadda.
i'm an extremely ignorant person, but i make friends easily.
i'm a very likable person, unless youre either annoying, or i hate you.
my longest relationship was with my braces in 5th grade.
fuck my life, guys only want me for sex. fuck them.
TRY & TALK TO ME, maybe, if i feel like it
i hate my life sometimes
 i like inspirational quotes.
you cute guuurl
like wah.

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blondehairshedontcare's Favorite Quotes

난 니가 싫어.
Je vous déteste.
Σε μισώ.
Odi te.
أنا أكره لك.
Я тебя ненавижу.
Te odio.
Is fuath liom tú.

That's I hate you in 10 different languages.

if you can't handle me at my worst then
i completely understand because i can't either lol


next time you're washing your hands next to
somebody, cup your hands under the tap water until the water overflows, then look at them dramatically and say "this water is getting out of hand." it's a guaranteed way to make friends. i have never tried it, but it's guaranteed.

"I ran into my ex today.
then I put my car in reverse, and hit him again."                                                                                                 --Unknown


This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.

I Must Be Wishing On Someone
             elses star, cause it seems someone else is       always getting what I wished for.♥                

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No Match March
All Alone April
Manless May
Just Give Up June
Just A Dream July
All By Myself August
Sleep Alone September
Outnumbered by Couples October
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Don't Date December


hurting someone so much emotionally
that they think suicide is their only answer