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Hey guys! Welcome to my page! I'm Kate yo! That is all..:)

Quotes by blondetalk

Your Mission:

Valentines Day is in a little more than 2 months.

That's how much time you have to find yourself a man.

Do you choose to accept this mission?


The 3 Most Annoying Days this week:

Thursday, Dec 20th: "Omg we die tomorrow!"
Friday, Dec 21st: "Omg were gonna die today!"
Saturday, Dec 22nd: "We didn't die! Ha ha told you so.."


On the bright side
If the Mayans are right this is the last Monday you'll have to deal with.

I think we should be able to fave comments people make on quotes.


whos with me?

If I had a dollar for everytime you were annoying.
I'd be a millionaire

That awkward moment when someone compliments you and you don't know that to say.

Them: You look pretty today.
Me: Happy Birthday


Its not that I hate you, its just...
Nahh I just hate you.

How awkward would it be
if you fell asleep on your boyfriend, and when you woke up he told you that you farted in your sleep..

Sometimes I miss being your friend

but then I remember you're a b/tch.