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Help needed. Not wanted.I'm Maddi, and I'm done.

Quotes by blondie316

I don't believe in God anymore.
I guess I'm an atheist.

I don't believe in love anymore.
I wouldn't find it anyways.

I don't believe in happiness anymore.
I never truely was anyways.

I never meant to stop believing in God, but I guess I never meant to stop believing in Santa either.

I never meant to stop believing in love, but I guess I never meant to stop loving my family and friends.

I never meant to stop believing in happiness, but it's hard to believe in something you've never had.

I think I finally broke.
If I leave today,
will you remember me tomorrow?
I love when guys:

- Use (: and <3
- Call me babe or baby
- Send me cute texts
- Go along with it when I start saying sexual things
- Sing with me
- Actually hold a conversation with me

Talk to me...

Whenever make quotI gto whoever favorited it's page,
And I favorite a quote.
It is kind of like my way of saying your welcome.
Anyone else?



Son: Dad I got a girlfriend!
Dad: *loads shotgun*

Daughter: Dad I got a boyfriend!
Dad: Great job!

Wait what?
"It doesn't really matter Maddi, no one really likes you, I mean no offence."
 My best friend said this to me right before I left her house from a sleepover. I haven't been able to stop crying, or plurging.
I give up on acting like everything is okay. It's not. I need help.
I need help
Claiming that some else's marriage is against your religion, is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because you're on a diet.
What if your brother is gay? Are you not gonna go to his wedding because you dont beleive in gay rights? What about if your sister is a lesbian? What happened to sister's for life?
You jockin my format bro?
 If crying helped you lose weight,
 I'd be the skinnest girl in the world. 

format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

 I   want  to punch  you  so  you  could  have  an  idea of  how  much  you  hurt  me. 
You broke my heart I want to break your face

dilittlinside </3
o t  m y  f o r m a t.


Letters start with

Numbers start with 

Music starts with

Do- Re- Me

And love starts with

You and me.