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Help needed. Not wanted.I'm Maddi, and I'm done.

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if you don't know who sings that, i can't be your friend.
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
I plan on building a shopping center that contains:
-Sushi Rox
-The Groovy Smoothie
-The Premier
-Build a Bra

Who would shop here?
Things always get better in the end. If they're not better, 
It's not the end.

Everything will work out,
Don't give up.
Your stronger than that

Everyone tells you that you deserve better
then no one is willing to be 

The one.

As much as this is killing me and tearing me apart. I won't show it because you don't deserve to see what you have done

 And why can't I just go and leave
This Place? 

 Somethimes I just want to leave
and just stay away for
A little while.