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I see humans, but no humanity.


Periods are like dementors

They make you feel as if all the happiness is gone from the world, and the cure is chocolate. 



Giving hope to fangirls since 1991


I'm sick and tired of Idiots saying YOLO.
We get it, you don't have horcruxes.


Just bought coffee


Friend 1: I'm going to the mall tonight!
Friend 2: I'm going to a party tonight!
Friend 3: I'm going to the movies tonight!
Me: I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise and pretending I don't exist.


The Toast & The Knife
Random observation:

The knife, while a far superior tool for spreading jam onto toast, is entirely horrendous at actually getting the jam out of the jar. It always falls onto one side and back into the jar, or falls mid transit from said jar to said toast. Its smaller size and surface area also makes repeated trips from toast to jar and back necessary, thereby increasing the likelihood of spilled jam during the round trip. Why knife, why?


50 shades of Pink
starring Dolores Jane Umbridge