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i dont no!!!!!!!!!!!!! wen i think of sumtin i wanna put in mi pf if i lyk it i put it on this site, some of them r pretty gay...but o well!, i will take requests e-mail me at: request 2 be mi friend on myspace..... dont i.m. me if yew want good at edits but if yew c a quote without it means that it should be decorated origanially..or w/e he gave her twelve roses, eleven real and one fake. he said "i'll love you until the last rose dies penguins flamingos monkies ducks cows

Quotes by blondsrqtz4e

I'm gonna fight for what's right
 Today I'm speaking my mind
And if it kills me tonight
I will be ready to die.

i thought i was never gonna be alone.

i may be your queen,
and you are my king.
you know what i mean
when i say we gotta thing.
that amazing kiss
from your lips,
it must be true,
that i love you.

sometimes all you can do is smile.
even if you have no reason to.
it's alot easier than explaining why your upset.

You're not sopposed to tell me you love me
then leave me. Thats not how it works.
We're sopposed to be that special couple every
one wishes they were. I guess that's not what
you were thinking.

him:   omg! guess what!!
me:    what?                       
him:   i miss you );             
me:   that was cute.          

lee lee.

what made me unbeatuiful?
all she feels is [replaced]


take chances. life changes. remember that.