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i dont no!!!!!!!!!!!!! wen i think of sumtin i wanna put in mi pf if i lyk it i put it on this site, some of them r pretty gay...but o well!, i will take requests e-mail me at: request 2 be mi friend on myspace..... dont i.m. me if yew want good at edits but if yew c a quote without it means that it should be decorated origanially..or w/e he gave her twelve roses, eleven real and one fake. he said "i'll love you until the last rose dies penguins flamingos monkies ducks cows

Quotes by blondsrqtz4e

all the silly love quotes and break up quotes just remind me of how much more i dont miss you and how much more i wish my new boyfriend was with me when he's not.


just because its over
doesn't mean we're both over it.
i don't have to change my myspace song.
and i don't want to.
it reminds me of you.
i truely do miss you.
and its a first for me.
i've never missed a guy before.
but then you came along.
i miss you.


saying "i love you"
"im in love with you"
are two
completely dfferent
i hope you know that.

do i try to hard to make you smile.?

there is a story behing this song that makes me so happy. (=

its so hard to smile when gravity brings your smile down.

with every step and breath i take;;
i realize im just another mistake.

you're alive.
do something.
take chances.

draw his name in a circle [ m ]
never in a heart Y ]
cuz while circles go on forever m ]
hearts just fall apart. S ]
& after awhile©
you have to stop following others and go your own way. then ask yourself "what do i want?"
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