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i dont no!!!!!!!!!!!!! wen i think of sumtin i wanna put in mi pf if i lyk it i put it on this site, some of them r pretty gay...but o well!, i will take requests e-mail me at: request 2 be mi friend on myspace..... dont i.m. me if yew want good at edits but if yew c a quote without it means that it should be decorated origanially..or w/e he gave her twelve roses, eleven real and one fake. he said "i'll love you until the last rose dies penguins flamingos monkies ducks cows

Quotes by blondsrqtz4e

roses are red;;
violets are
jazz and i are black;;
but carlton what are you?

hahahaha i love fresh prince.

forget the risk;

take the fall.

if its what you want,

then its worth it all.


this is my fave quote. <3


it's simple, it's plain.

i love you.

why else would i say it.?



how to tell a boy you love him

i've known him forever,
well, since first grade.
i've liked him forever,
but loved him not long.
he doesn't know i do,
but he used to.
nobody knows but me,
and it makes me crazy.
why can't i tell him?
just give me a reason.
"if there is none,
then go ahead,
explain your feelings,
he should understand."
good words to live by,
but i need more,
help me, please help me!
how do i tell him?
i then realize there is no way,
tell him if you feel..
that he feels the same way.

That Thing.

i want that thing i heard of
i want that thing called love.
i've seen it,
heard of it,
and ohh how i've wished for it,
but never actually felt it.
the happiness it brings,
that pain it leaves,
ohh the pain,
and mourn.
how i wish for one day to feel that happiness,
along with the hurt,
the happy aches of knowing they were worth it,
the tears of joy,
along with sorrow,
make me wish for that thing i've heard of,
that thing called love.


[dont take credit]

take a look at yourself,
put you head up,
don't worry about them,
things will get better soon,
just look forward to the future.

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