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heyy im cassie tufano im 13 im single now and loving it im just here cuz i love making quotes and stuff putting things down that are floting around in my mind theres nothing more greater then seeing people use your work which i take credit for nothing and getting imed and asked for the credits cause well i dont know but its just pretty cool so im me for edits or a personal quote id love tuh x0x0x0 cassie IM ME FOR ALL EDITS! xdarkestsuicidex or xXxburnmysoulxXx

Quotes by bloodyxsuicidexforxu

suicide > noun 1 the action of killing oneself intentionally 2 a person who does this 3 love
Dignify>very (dignifies,dignified) cause to appear impressive or worthy of respect.

make appear bold
foreplay>noun sexual activity that precedes intercourse, or for losers;; Cyber!
I thought I knew what this world was about.
Then I realized there are so many things I don't know.
I tried to get you to run away with me.
But you just said no.
I cried so many tears..
But you wouldn't know.
Cuz you weren't even there.
I cried out your name.
But only silence answered me.
I screamed but no one came.
I would've screamed till my throat would bleed.
You never sat by my side to hold me close.
Never once did you offer to hold my hand.
I wish I could get you out of my head.
I wish that with out you I could stand.
But I fall to my knees.
I stumble and I fall.
Never did I know I would lose it all.

all myne i wrote it
but help yerself <3
Telling me that I
can't love him is
like telling me not
to breath©o©

gorgeous with the edits
{ï& Your hair;; it's everywhere;;
-x »» screaming infidelities {

gorgeous with the edits
I ask him if he loves me;;
he looks at me and says
"Now what do you think?"
The only problem is;;
I think he doesn't love me </3
MygirlsandIyeahweflauntityeahh <3
He's my deadly disease ©
that there's just no cure for;;
&& I'm addicted o©