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The good practice till they get it right.
The great practice till they can't get it wrong.


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I follow back~

Favorite if you're a dancer. I'd love to talk with any of you for advice!(:

2011 Reflection Day 1

Things I won't forget this past year:
-worst break up 
-all the sweet 16's
-acting slutty in the summer
-San Francisco trip
-11.11.11=est. best boyfriend ever.

2011 Reflection Challenge

Day 1: A few things you will never forget in 2011.
Day 2: Relationship(s).
Day 3: The best day.
Day 4: The worst day. 
Day 5: The most memorable moment.
Day 6: Your best friend(s).
Day 7: Your birthday.
Day 8: The funnest getaway.
Day 9: The end of last school year/the beginning of this one.
Day 10: New Year resolutions.