Status: I'm way to obsessed with Ed Sheeran but he's just so PERFECT!!!
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Hello Followerss and Friends.
I'm 20 almost 21(in november, not almost but i'm excited don't judge me)
Im awkward,werid,shy at first but once you get to know me i can be called annoying but IDGAF! umm...
So im Obsessed with Justin Bieber ever since the beginning yanno youtube! I'm obsessed with One Direction, Ed Sheeran Cher Lloyd,Little Mix,Olly Murs,beatles,P!nk,SWS,BOTDF,the script and sooo much more. Music is basically my life. i Write songs, well lyrics. I was almost an extra in Jack and Jill(yanno the movie with adam sandler and kaite holmes) almost though.
Besties include- @Harrys_Cupcake Clarissa! amazing!
I tend to curse every 5 mins, I have a Dirty mind and ain't afraid to use it.
I've done some illegal things before, not ashamed.
yeah so that my life story wanna know something just ask and i'll answer!!!
Oh and another thing..If ou ever want someone to talk to... kik me....Just ask for it!

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just remember that sometimes the way you think about a person isn't the way you actually are
A moment spent in Sorrow or a moment spent in Pain is a waste of a Great Treasure that you will never get again. -RVM
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Of course, you never really forget anyone, but you certainly release them. You stop allowing their history to have any meaning for you today. You let them change their haircut, let them move, let them fall in love again. And when you see this person you have let go, you realize there is no reason to be sad. The person you knew exists somewhere, but you are seperated by too much time to reach them again. 
I know there are some songs that hurt too much to listen to, yet you play them and turn off the lights and cry until you fall asleep. I know that you're in love with your own sadness, you're in love with the way that it clings to you and never seems to leave. I can see it in your eyes, the way it hurts to be alone but its becoming almost comforting. the pain has almost become comforting to you, I know because I fell in love with my sadness the same way you fell in love with yours and It probably would have killed me if I had not ended things with it. I know you like to stay in your room with the door locked, ignoring texts from your best friends. I know how hard it is to pull yourself together and get out of bed the morning after he broke your heart. I want to tell you that you don't have to be with your sadness forever. I know how hard it is at first, I know how hard it is to try and live without him. but I promise you, it gets better
And that mask became so easy to put on,
it seemed to come and go without much thought, didn't it?
And how easily your skin became a
tight, prickly form of shame that you were sewn into.
I Feel Like I Am About To Make A Big Mistake.
"There are plenty of fish in the sea" is honestly the most annoying line you can ever tell someone. Yes, I know there are other fish. But they're not like him. I don't want them. He's my favorite. He's the one I want.
" I    l  o  o  k    f  o  r    y  o  u    i  n    e  v  e  r  y  o  n  e  . "