Status: I'm way to obsessed with Ed Sheeran but he's just so PERFECT!!!
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Hello Followerss and Friends.
I'm 20 almost 21(in november, not almost but i'm excited don't judge me)
Im awkward,werid,shy at first but once you get to know me i can be called annoying but IDGAF! umm...
So im Obsessed with Justin Bieber ever since the beginning yanno youtube! I'm obsessed with One Direction, Ed Sheeran Cher Lloyd,Little Mix,Olly Murs,beatles,P!nk,SWS,BOTDF,the script and sooo much more. Music is basically my life. i Write songs, well lyrics. I was almost an extra in Jack and Jill(yanno the movie with adam sandler and kaite holmes) almost though.
Besties include- @Harrys_Cupcake Clarissa! amazing!
I tend to curse every 5 mins, I have a Dirty mind and ain't afraid to use it.
I've done some illegal things before, not ashamed.
yeah so that my life story wanna know something just ask and i'll answer!!!
Oh and another thing..If ou ever want someone to talk to... kik me....Just ask for it!