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                                  OMGG i havent been on this thing for like forever i miss youse all <3 comment on my page so we can be friends illy xx ooh and boys add me too x


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Quotes by blue_bubbles1

  When he wears a beanie,
It is the cutest thing ever ♥ 

I   dont get why people die 

for one direction


If you live in your past
you can kiss your future goodbye



im just a girl   trying,
to  fit  
 in this world.

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Love isn't about
finding someone you can live with,
It's about findng someone you can't live without. 

They say the world is gonna end in 2012. Yet they can't even predict the weather(: 
 When your teachers attitude 

suddenly changes when the principal comes into the class, you understand shes inlove!  
Yahgebacto mwheyou learn the rest 

of the alphabet 

Awrkward moment,
when somone tells you to stop clicking you pen, then when you have to click it again to work.

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They should print books with
glow-in-the-dark ink so you can read at night.

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