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I'm 15 and never had a boyfriend before!
And guess what!?
<3 <3 <3
Dear Girls, Bruno Mars may take 1 grenade for you but we take hundreds. Sincerely, the army.
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Yesterday I made a quote about wanting to kill myself on my 17th birthday.
I got off witty, cried and walked down to the water by my house.
I was ready to jump and drown myself by putting a weight on top of me.
And then I heard a family coming behind me so I couldn't do it;
Like it was almost a sign that it wasn't my time and to hold on.
Then I woke up and came on witty and I saw all these beautiful strangers
who I don't even know who told me they wanted me here on Earth.
People I have never met actually care about me-it's crazy.

You've all kept me here and I thank you for telling me to keep going.
You all mean so much- I'd appreciate it wittians could favorite this so everyone knows I'm alive and so that people could see my gratitude. Thank you <3 

I was diagnosed with cancer yesterday.. 
The doctors said I have 6 months to live before it gets to my brain.
If you read this, thank you♥ 


Before School: I'm tired, don't talk to me.
During School: I'm tired, don't talk to me.
After School: 
I'm tired, don't talk to me.

Does anyone else
look in the mirror after 1 day of exercise and trick yourself into believing that you’ve actually already lost weight
  or is that just me?


Girls Like me .

Now that I have your attention...

“One of our amazing wittian's, is considering to not write anymore, because of some school drama. That witty writer, is Kara. AKA TheMascaraSeries. Now, I know she is a popular writer on here and thats why I'm doing this. Not because out of selfishness, but of kindness. Apparently she's ugly <--- that's far from the truth. She's the most beautifullest girl I have ever know. She's not talented <--- One of the best writers I have ever seen. I love how her stories have twists, and school drama that you could see happening in real life. She's Stupid <--- If she was so stupid, why would we all love her so da*n much? If she was stupid, why wasn't she casted as patrick? She should die of cancer <--- Die of cancer my a$$! If I found out she died of cancer, I'd catch a plane to Iowa so I could see her. And I know a lot of you would too! So with that being said, We all love Kara, and Witty wouldnt be the same if we lost someone. I mean, look how much its already changed! Now, I know a lot of people hate the 'fave this quote to...' bitt, but I'm asking you to fave this quote. not for popularity, but so Kara can see this and stay on witty. And last but not least, something to Kara: Kara, what I commented on chapter 19 of girls like me, was true. It wasnt just a suck up act to keep you on. It was the truth, all put into that comment! Now, after my little vent, please, please, please, if you love TheMascaraSeries's stories as much as I do, please fave. To keep her on :)

From: All your witty fans

nmf/my quote.

I'm like 
the squirrel from Ice Age. 
And you're the acorn.
No matter how hard I try,

I can   never   hav e you

Today is my 17th birthday.
My parents didn't get me anything.
I have nothing planned.
I cried myself to sleep last night and I'm crying right now. 
I'm absolutely miserable.

I've been wanting to kill myself for months and today might be the day. 

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