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Hey, i'm Angie. I like food. And Tumblr. 

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*accidentally clicks on witty definition on google search instead of*
Life  ♥
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invite me over your house so i can ignore you while i go on my phone and eat all your food

oops my 10 ten minute study break lasted the whole school year
hey this is just a very normal and serious text post with no hidden meaning whatsoever
how to get a bikini body:

1. put a bikini on your body

you're beautiful okay

hi i'd like a large coke and 50,000 followers please


thatd be $5.49 and 10 nudes thank you

That moment of absoulute terror when you forget to plug in your earphones to your laptop and a loud video that may or may not be by a famous youtuber that cusses alot pops up on your laptop in class that clearly doesnt have to do with the periodic table of elements..

-sleeping in late
-hugs that last more than one minute
-making someone laugh
-waking up on your birthday
-making new friends
-being loved
knowing its Friday
-Being so happy you cant explian it
-long walks
-feeling safe
-feeling confident
-relizing you're happy
-being in love
-having no care in the world
-holding a newborn
-getting an unexpected compliment
-holding someones hand
-having someone appriciate you
-finding money
-listening to music
-reading a good book
-having something to look forward to
Fact: The human brain makes you see yourself as 5 times more beautiful than you really are.

Me: Well f*ck