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hey im emmanuela

age: 19

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enjoying the college life by studying for midterms -_- and essays! joy!

Quotes by bluediamond93

Two women
have been sitting for several hours
during a seminar
One of the women turns to the other and says

"My Butt's Asleep"
The other woman whispers back
"I know I heard it snore three times"


I love you

You Love her

She loves him

He loves her

Can't you see

they were meant to be

Just like you and me<3



I want the guy
who will look at me 50 years later
and say
"Even after all these years i still get
butterflies in my stomach
when you walk into the room

When I am complimented


acknowledged by someone else

My Parents argue about who I took after

and say

"she's mine"

When I make a mistake and get in trouble

They say

"she's your kid" 


Fave if your parents are like this<3

I'm Rubber
You're Glue
Anything you say

Will bounce off of me
and stick to you

fave if you remember this<3

After an Exam...
How did you do?
 I think I did pretty well...
Next day...
get the exam back...
the grade...

Parent Over Shoulder
(P .O .S)
is what I tell my friends when I am in the middle of telling
them something and I have to stop


You should be an
A c t o r

Anyone who lies that well
and makes a girl believe
that you love her
was meant for Hollywood

 If a Man Speaks His Mind 
In the Forest and There is
No Woman to Hear Him
Is He still WRONG?



In the Presence of
my DAD and FAMILY members
My mom and I start arguing about how she doesn't let me drive alone.

Her Excuse:
When I sit next to her I still see some wrong moves
My Response:
When I sit next to you I see no right moves

Ownage :)