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Dream; Out ; Loud.

Journal :

Heero! The name is Jenni . I am currently 14 years of age. Sibling of 

Joshua & Sarah. Ages 15 & 21. Yes, being youngest is a nightmare, but

at  the end  of the daay I love it. My mom is a single mother & is happy 
just the wayher life is. Everydaay she makes me proud. I have a VERY

small family but,the person I am closest to is my mom , she has been by

by my side step of

the way. I also consider my father dead & a monster. 

& NO ONE will ever understand why... I am very mature for my age  &

you will figure that out on this short adventure. I love this girl Dina , she

always finds a way to make me smile on the most horrible days of my

life! Statas: SINGLE ( Straight btw )

Okaay well thats all, any questions? Comment below <3 (:


Hall Of Fame :

Mom : For always being there for me, & loveing me no matter how many i hate

you's or im gunna run away's.

My sister ( Sarah ) : For staying strong threw the up & the downs in her life

yes you may have dropped out of high school , but look at you now ... you

have a AMAZING job & a beautiful family that anyone would kill for.

My brother ( Joshua ) : For always loving me , even though we fight & hit

eachother, but what else do you exspect from siblings only 19 months


Grandma ♥ : For being so strong threw your c.o.p.d. & not letting anyone tell

you what to do or say, & never believeing those doctors when they tell you

you only have 2 months left. If it wasent for you believeing in yourself &

telling yourself , im gunna make it threw, i dont think you'd be here right

now & i just want to tell you i will always look up to you . ♥

& To Chloe : For being my first niece ♥ & being so darn cute & funny &

being SO smart yet your only 2 years old. & For giving me hugs & kisses

when you see that im sad ♥ 

       *************♥I love you all & i will NEVER forget any of you♥ *****************

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One direction..
nuff said.


The akward moment when a person you like barley know starts crying & you have no clue what to say..

& I just wanna thank my bestfriend for being here for every tear when my boyfriend broke my heart. Every laugh at all the completly stupid and ridiculous things that happen in our in our life. & Every I Love You when i just needed a hand to hold.

& As he walks away;
I wish he would turn right around & kiss me & tell me everythings going to be okay...

Is anyone else like,
Really happy for school?


If you start to miss Me;
Remember; I didn't walk away; You let me go ♥

If I Dont Enjoy Life Now
I'll Never Make It Later


China: People Like Random Comedy... Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
Olive: Why?
China: MONKEY!
Olive: Hahahahaha Your Right !