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Brittany NicoleY
I'm 20
I'm a Sophmore at HCC studying criminal justice.
i Will be attending SCSU next fall!
I love to swim and run even though i am no longer
competative in them anymore
Dolphins are my favorite animal
Thank you Fan_Art_Freak38 for the fan art!

Quotes by bmiest23

Like they say in the bible
Everything Happens for a reason
You just gotta have faith
Never Break up with the
one you love for the one
you like because the one
you like may break up with
you for the one they love.

Cause when your fifteen and
 somebody tells you they love you
your gonna believe them
and when your fifteen feelin
like theres nothin to figure out
well count to ten take it in
this is life before you know
who your gonna be

Taylor swift- Fifteen

love the song.. not jocking any ones idea.. all my own styling..
credit to any one else who used the song

Take me back to the house in the back yard tree
Said you'd beat me up you were bigger than me
You never did you never did
take me back when our world was one block wide
i dared you to kiss me and ran when you tried
just two kids you and i
ohh my my my my
well i was sixteen when suddenly
i wasnt that little girl you use to see
and our daddies use to joke about the two of us
we never believed we'd really fall in love
and our mamas smiled rolled their eyes
and said oh my my my my
take me back to the creek beds we turned up
2 am ridin in your truck
and all i need is you next to me
take me back to the time we had our very first fight
slammin of doors instead of kissin goodnight
you stayed outside till the
mornin light
oh my my my my


Always looking mighty fine
Prettier than you since
Dont make someone your PRIORITY
When all you are to them is an option

When life rains on your parade
Bust out a slip and slide =]

Credit to everyone

&& The hardest part of loving
somebody is knowing when
to let go and when to say
Goodbye when you still love
them as much as you did

& **credit to other wittiers**
And all you need to know is
youve got me when
 your world is crashing down
& it seems like youve got no one around
youve got me