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Brittany NicoleY
I'm 20
I'm a Sophmore at HCC studying criminal justice.
i Will be attending SCSU next fall!
I love to swim and run even though i am no longer
competative in them anymore
Dolphins are my favorite animal
Thank you Fan_Art_Freak38 for the fan art!

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bmiest23 9 years ago to hopelessxromanticoxo
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So i read your journal and texting him hi or talking to him doesnt mean you want him back, if you want to be friends go for it. text him and say hey havent talked to you in a while. sometimes guys dont text the girl because they think she needs a break and figures if she wants to text she will.. so try it
bmiest23 1 decade ago to Fan_Art_Freak38
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Those are awsome thanks so much!
bmiest23 1 decade ago to dancecheerxoxo
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No Problem if you ever need to talk im here.
bmiest23 1 decade ago to ERMitsCynnxD
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i had both of them favorited. i will unfavor the other one..