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Something to Believe In

part 14:

 Following the vague signs of a hotel explaining where the rooms were, we ended up at room 1607, and you could hear that everyone was in there, because there was a sudden burst of laughter.  I knocked on the door, and I heard someone scream. Jordan and I both laughed, as Harry’s head peeked through the door,
“We’ve been expecting you,” he said in a high, screetchy voice.
“Hi Harry!” Jordan said, and he opened the door.
“It’s our favorite American Girls!” he said, and gave us both hugs.  We walked into the enormous suite, and in the living space, there was two couches, and a flat screen TV on the wall.  Louis and Eleanor were sitting on the one couch, as Liam was sitting next to Niall.  Danielle was sitting in a chair from the kitchen area, but I couldn’t find Zayn.  One bedroom door was open, but the other was shut.
“Hey guys!” everyone shouted.
“Jordan!” Niall jumped up, and went to give her a hug.  He was of course wearing the St. Patrick’s day version of the Phillies Jersey, which was green, with khaki’s and white Nike shoes.  Liam was wearing a blue Phillies shirt with khakis as well, and matching blue shoes.  Louis and Eleanor were both wearing red shirts, but Louis’s was like mine, and Eleanor was wearing a red zip up, the kind someone would find at Victoria’s secret, but I never particularly liked my sports clothes to be bedazzled.  Danielle was wearing a white pinstriped jersey (like the actual jersey) half buttoned up, with a red tank top and skinny jeans and flip flops.
“You guys really took our advice.” I laughed, and the all chuckled.
“We wanted to blend in as much as possible.” Harry said, in a blue t-shirt, like Liam. 
“It’s great, people will think you’re natives.” I joked,
“Until we open our mouths.” Liam said, and we laughed.
“True.  You gotta talk like a true South Philly person.” Jordan said, and then Niall added.
“Oh, so you know how the fresh Prince was from west Philadelphia?”
“Yea…”  Jordan said,
“Don’t tell me..” I said, and they all laughed and nodded their heads.
“We drove through it today.”
“And you’re still intact.” I laughed.
“Scariest thing of my life!” Danielle shouted, and Eleanor nodded her head in agreement.  Although we were already past this, I couldn’t help but feel inferior when we were with them.  They just seemed to be so much more confident with themselves.  It was just unsettling, I decided, and asked.
“Where’s Zayn?”
“Right here!” he said, on perfect cue, walking out of the closed door.
“What were you doing so long big boy?” Louis asked.
“You took my shower first, so I had to wait.” He laughed, and Louis nodded his head.
“Sorry mate, the spider in my shower and I were not agreeing.”
“Yea yea,” he said, and he walked over and hugged me.
“Hi babe, how are you?”
“I’m good how are you?” I said, and noticed his outfit.  He had a red Phillies t-shirt on with jeans and white and red Nikes.  He looked like he’d been pulling off the look all his life.
“Great!” he said, and looked around.
“What are we doing?”
“Waiting for you.” Harry laughed, and said. “Time for dinner?!”
“If everyone’s ready!” I said, and everyone got up to walk out.
“Where should I put this?” I asked Zayn, and he took it, and turned around and put it in the room he just came from.
“It’s my room don’t worry.  No one will touch it.” He assured me, and we all stood in front of the elevators, waiting to be taken down to the first floor.


Part one

      "let's go ARAC" "come on girls keep it up" Screamed coach Bob.
" Swimming with all of my might i was trying to keep my lead, i have two laps to go i kept telling my self. Going into the last flip turn, Nailed it. Swimming in hit the board. YES!  did it."i congratulated the other girls and climbed out to talk to my coach.
"Coach bob how was that"
"well" he said shaking his head. " you made it to nationals"
"yes! " i said with a shriek.
Hi my name is Hailey im a senior in highschool, my highschool season has ended and i have moved on to my recreational team. The meet i was just at was seniors and i made it to nationals in the 500.The 500 is 20 laps of freestyle.  Nationals is being held in  California which is awesome because I've never been there. Nationals will be held the wee of winter right before christmas "Hailey"
"yea ", i said turning around to see the only person i didnt want to see.
"Great swim, i knew you could do it "
"thanks tim"
You see tim was also a swimmer on the team we dated the last 2 years but ended it because it was getting a little to much and we were starting to drift apart.
I continued to pack up my things , and get ready to go home.
I brought a chair, a duffel bag which had 3 towels, 3 bottles of water that i had finished, some snacks that could be thrown away, two pairs of warms ups a couple caps and a few pairs of goggles. i brought my chair and bag to my mom and took my uggs, and back pack which had my clothes.
I went into the locker room, found a locker and started to change. I put on my swim tshirt, an Arac sweatshirt, my AE jeans and uggs.
As i walked out i ran into Kevyn.
"oh sorry i didnt see you"
"hey hailey great swim"
"oh hey kev, thanks. I didnt see you whatd you swim?"
"i didnt i was here with Jordan and Cassie"
"oh cool for who?"
"for you silly"
" oh, well ill text you i have to get going, big family dinner.
"kay bye hai"
Kevyn also swam on the team, we had a bit of a confusing relationship. We had been really good friends until him and cassie broke up. When that happened Jordan and Cassie became a coupld and Kevyn and i were in that akward i like you but dont want to get serious yet stage. Or so i thought.
i got into the car to go home. I had my own car but my mom and i thought it was silly to both drive if she was coming as well.
"hey mom did you see my swim?"
"Yeah, Hay that was a great swim, im so proud of you, were going out to dinner tonight were would you like to go?"
"umm , i dont know i do know i want to fall asleep"
As soon as i got home i grabbed my stuff put the wet clothes in the laundry room, my chair stays in the car, threw my bag on the floor and jumped in my bed. I was starting to fall asleep when i got a text from Kevyn saying " hey hailey you did a great job today, i was hoping we could get together later"
I didnt respond id text him when i got up, i set my alarm and put my head on the pillow then i was out.

Beep Beep Beep
I slowly rolled over to see that it was 5:30. I grabbed my phone and had 10 text messages. 2 were from my best friend B her real name is Bianca but I call her B for short.
"Hailey, where are you? How was the meet"
I texted B back and told her what happened. I still had 8 messages, I went back to my inbox to see one from Tim.
"hey Hailey , call me later I want to talk"
I would text him later on didn’t want to talk.
The next 3 were from my sister Jamie.
"hey Hailey mom called and told me the good news Congrats." the second said "Jay says that a girl" Jay was my sisters husband. The last one said "where are you going for dinner?"
I responded to her saying thanks and i have no idea.
My inbox beeped again telling me i still had for messages
Who could they be from? one of the messages was from a number I didn’t have saved in my phone.
"hey Hailey its Cassie have you heard from Kevyn?"
I didn’t respond to that text. All I wanted to know was why on earth is she texting me and how did she get my number?
The last three texts were from Kevyn.
"hey Hailey Great job today."
" Call me if you get a chance"
"never mind I’m coming over be there at 6"
What at this point the clock read 545. I got up and did my hair because it was a little curly and a little wet. I threw on my Hollister tank, my zip up and Hollister jeans. then my black Uggs. Went downstairs and waited for kev to come. Whys he coming i thought. Then I heard the bell ring. I'll get it. I wasn’t prepared for who was going to be at the door.

time after time
 part #53


 at school the next day, i saw him at lunch, but he seemed withdrawn.  i didn't catch him after lacrosse, and he wasn't at his window.  his light didn't even turn on.  the next day, he came in late and wasn't even at lunch.  after lacrosse, he ran off the field, and sped off.  according to jake, he wasn't even talking at practice.  this pattern went on until thursday, when he wasn't even at school, and he skipped lacrosse completely.  i texted him and said,
" didn't know laxers took off (: missed you today." and i didn't get a response.  on friday, he wasn't at school.  i got home friday afternoon, and i was really worried.  where was he? i wondered.  i grabbed the mail out of our mailbox, and i was home alone for a few hours, when the doorbell rang.  i went to get it, and peeked outside, and this man was holding something.  i opened the door, and he was holding flowers.
"hi, do the rogers live here?" and he handed me a cardlowers on the porch as he walked away.  on the front of the envelope was a cursive "rogers family" but dammnit, of course it was sealed.  i couldn't read it. i picked up the vase and walked next door to give it to them.  i rang the doorbell, and stood there for a good 5 minutes.  i finally saw movement in the house, and i saw his brother come to the door.  it looked like he didn't wanna be bothered.
"hello?" he asked.
"hi, sorry i live next door, and these were delivered to us by mistake."
"oh, thanks." he said, and took the vase and card.
"is everything okay?"
"yea." he just said.  he didn't know who i was, so he probably wondered why i was so curious.
"can you just tell cordin that rachel stopped by, and tell him to come over when he gets a chance." i said.
"okay. thanks rachel." he said, and shut the door before i was off the porch.  that was weird, i thought.  well i'm going to be seeing him sometime soon. 

time after time
 part #52


i sat there, and saw that megan was still talking to jake.  my arm started to throb a little bit, and i really wanted to go home.  then i saw a blonde lax flow running towards me.
"ray!" he yelled, stickin hand.
"cordin !" i laughed, as he got to me. "how was practice?" he was in full laxing clothes, complete with a huge lax pinney.
"not too bad." he said. "how are you feeling."
"eh, okay." i offered. "it's throbbing a little." he took a seat next to me and analyzed the cast.
"is it too tight?"
"not really, i'm not sure why it's throbbing, it just is." i said. he looked at me.
"you're lips are still kindof swollen, want me to make them feel better?"
"no thanks."  i glared at him, and he smiled.  "it's probably your fault they're like that." i muttered.
"what? my kiss didn't do that." he laughed.
"well then why did you do it?" i asked.
"are you saying you didn't enjoy it?" he asked.
"no i was asking why you did it." i argued.
"you're saying you didn't want to be kissed?" he played.
"that's exactly what i'm saying."
"your face said something else.  and your expression after."
"i'm sorry for not controlling my facial expressions.  i mean i kindof was just in an accident."
"you know you liked it though." he pestered.
"i never said that."
"it drove you insane." he smiled.
"no it didn't." i said, a perfect lie.
"well it drove me crazy." he admitted.
"oh hey look, lax bro's got a soft side." i sarcastically said.
"yea, don't tell anyone." he joked.
"listen cordin, i'm not sure what i want right now." i confessed.
"you don't?" he asked.
"i'm not sure if i can do the relationship thing."
"i'm cool with friends." he said.  he was awfully hopeful.
"for now." i interjected.
"for now sounds great." he said.  "but honestly tell me, is there someone else?"
"i'm not sure."
"is it jake?" he pointed over, and laughed.
"of course not.
"is it that kid you cheated on steve with?"
"is it steve?" i paused.
"i'm not sure yet."
"but he's a possibility?"
"possibly." i smiled.
"i'll take that as a yes." he laughed, and i got up.  we started walking over towards megan and jake.
"hey you two." she smiled.
"yo." i said. after talking for a little, megan took me home.  i ate some leftover pizza from the fridge, and went up to my room.  it was pretty cool out for a spring night, so i opened my window. i'd had a song stuck in my head all day long, and i think i had it programmed on my keyboard to play.  i walked over, and i looked out my window, because a light turning on caught my attention.  it was cordin's house, but it was most likely his parents' room.  no one ever usually is up on the third floor.  i started playing "you'll be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground," by mayday parade. i learned how to play it a while ago, but the recording was still on my keyboard.  thanks to my lovely blue cast, it wouldn't be a live performance tonight.  i started to hum, and then began singing.
"and honestly i've been begging for answers, that you and only you can give to me.  my voice crying loud, i've been crying for days now.  and as i start to run i start to breathe. And I was nearly scared to death, why you left in paragraphs. the words were nearly over us. you stop and turn and grab your bags, and I'll be here by the ocean, just waiting for proof that there's sunsets and silhouette dreams." after singing this, i remember rob used to love this song.  my chest got tight, and i started tearing up.  after another word or two, i couldn't go on, and i broke down.
"don't stop." i heard someone call.  i looked out the window and straight across i saw cordin.
"you're really good.  don't stop."
"do you really think i can sing anymore?" i smiled through my tears, and wiped my eyes, but more kept streaming down.
"i'd like you to try." he smiled.
"i can't.  it's too hard."
"i know you can." he said, and looked at me.  "it's him isn't it?" i teared up more and nodded my head.
"it's him.  it's always gonna be him." i said, and wiped my eyes.  "wow i'm sorry for my break down.  wanna hear another one of his favorites?"
"of course." i grabbed my ipod, and played "good to you" by marianas trench.  i didn't sing, but i watched him take in the song.
"like it?" i asked. and he nodded his head.  then there was a loud crahs in his house, and his dog barked.
"crap, he probably got into the trash again.  i'll see you tomorrow rach!" he said, and shut his window.  i left mine open, and eventually fell asleep. 

part #133
*sorry i've beeen SUPER busy with school and stufff ! butcommments are lovely !


we finished warming up and marwood brought us in and announced the starting lineup.  he put a junior in my position.  she didn't look too surprised here, so he must've told her to not get her hopes up.  i just sat on the bench and cheered on the team.  we easily scored 2 goals in the first half, and there wasn't much to say at halftime, but he still wasn't putting me in.  i kept looking over to the sidelines to see if pat was there to watch.  even if i wasn't going to play i'd still want to see him.  practice was usually over for him by the first half, but he wasn't there.  i wondered if he just listened to me for once and left to go home.  but that wasn't usually like him.  i wasn't interested in the game, so my mind started drifting.  i was in the middle of going through my anatomy homework when something caught my eye.  i saw erin at the entrance of the field, looking around.  she looked at our field and started jogging over to it, not taking her eyes off the game.  oh that's nice, maybe she came over to watch.  i turned and looked at the corner kick that was being taken, and i ran down the bench shouting to every player "corner!" because corner's were my favorite thing to do.  blake capitalized it into a goal, and we all cheered.  i turned my head and looked at the corner of our defensive end, i saw erin running towards us.  she had tears streaming down her face, and immediately i knew something was wrong.  i sprinted over to her, and she met me halfway, and was out of breath.
"erin, erin!" i said, getting her attention.
"erin what's wrong?" i said, grabbing her shoulders and shaking them.
"pat." she said, and wiped her tears.
"what's wrong with pat?" i said in hysterics.
"he collapsed. he's in the hospital." she said.  my legs went numb, my ears were buzzing.
"right now?  but how?"
"danny's in the car, he told me to come get you." i turned around, and we'd attracted a lot of attention. both benches were watching, and marwood was walking towards me.
"white what's wrong?" he asked, i had tears brimming in my eyes.
"marwood, it's pat.  he's in the hospital, and i don't know." i said, looking back between erin and marwood.
"white, white." he said, trying to get my attention. he put his hand on my shoulder, and took off his glasses.
"do what you need to do." i looked at him, and back at erin.  she just wanted to leave.
"thanks marwood." i said, and gave him a quick hug.  i ran over to the bench, got my bag, and started running to erin.
"white." marwood shouted.
"what?" i asked and turned around.
"keep me updated please." he said.
"of course." i said, and started sprinting with erin to danny's car.  we finally got there, and i jumped in the back, and erin got in the front.
"devon." danny sighed with relief.
"danny, what's going on?" i demanded.
"pat collapsed at practice.  they don't know what it was, so they took him to the hospital.  my parents are with him now and they think he might be rejecting his kidney.  they don't know, but he's still out.
"what? how? " so many questions i had as tears were streaming down my face.  i decided just to wait until we got to the hospital to ask any questions.

time after time
 part #51

i woke up and i was alone with taylor swift playing.  i slowly propped myself up, and saw a note on my desk.  i hobbled over to get it, and it was a note.


you sleep like a baby.  had lax practice at 5:15.  i'll text you when i'm done.
he's going to drive me insane. i thought, and got my phone to text megan to drive me to our practice.  i don't want to watch, it's just going to make me feel worse about not playing.  i got changed into my orange ultimate lax bro shirt, and mesh shorts with my slides and high black socks, and she was already on her way.  well it was kindof late now that i looked at the time.  practice started in 15 minutes.  when she got to my house, i walked out to her black bmw, and the look on her face was horrified. 
"ohmygosh!" she said, and touched my cast.
"i fractured my clavicle and pelvis, but they don't hurt as bad."
"i'm so sorry ray !" she said, and pulled out of my driveway.
"it's alright, it's not your fault." i said, and went through the details of the accident with her, and explained the extent of my concussion.  we pulled into the school's parking lot when i finally finished.
"you never should've left my house." she said.
"yeah, but i had to." i said.
"why?" she asked.
"i'll tell you later." i said as she pulled into a spot.  we walked up to the field and i had to watch them practice.  it hurt to watch them practice, but wilson brought me up weights to lift.  i did that for a little, and i watched them condition and they did a cool down jog.  i limped to the middle of the field and took my captain's spot in the middle of the circle.
"are you okay?" a freshman yelled out.
"yea i'm fine." i giggled, and sighed to myself.  i laid down while they continued stretching.  when they finished we brought it in and wilson discussed key games in the near future.  i felt so dislocated from the whole conversation.  we broke up and i hobbled over to the bench with amy.
"how long do you have that for?" she asked
"around 4-6 weeks i think."
"ouch. that's like right when the season ends." she said.  she had bright blonde hair and her brown eyes glowed with concern.
"not if you guys make playoffs." i added. "i'd work really hard to play in those games if i get it off in time."
"like we could do that." she scoffed.
"yes you can." i encouraged.
"really ray? we're hurting without you.  we should've had that team by at least 3 goals and we barely won."
"that's not my impact." i whispered.  she just looked at me and shook her head.
"think whatever you want.  truth is, ray we need you.  get better soon." she said, and picked up her bag and stick and walked away. i walked down to the gate where megan was.  she flipped her hair at me and we walked towards her car.  guys' lax was done too, and they were hanging out by their cars.  i saw jake standing my megans car, and so did she, and suddenly i was invisible to her.  i stopped, not wanting to third wheel, and out of the corner of my eye i saw some skaters.  i looked over and steve was staring right at me.  i smiled and he laughed and waved.  i started limping over to him, and he held his hands up and skated over towards me.  i sat down on the steps to the snack bar. he jumped off his skateboard, eyes shining and all. 
"hey you." he smiled.
"hey yourself." i said, and watched as he looked me up and down.
"what happened to you now?" he asked.
"i got in a fight and lost." i said sarcastically.
"that's what i thought." he said, and slyly smiled at me.
"nah i just got in a car accident.  completely my fault." i blinked back tears.
"how long are you in this?" he asked.
"about a month or so." i said.
"well that blows, no skating for you, i guess."
"well i haven't touched a skateboard since.." i trailed off.
"since that day in the rain." he finished my sentence.  i silently nodded my head. "as if i didn't teach you anything." he laughed.
"no, you taught me some valuable lessons." i argued.
"like what?"
"don't get drunk. bad things happen." i smiled, and so did he, but mine quickly faded.  he sat down next to me and looked deep into my eyes.
"listen rach, can we just like, start over? i've been thinking really hard, and i know i overreacted."  he smiled, and stuck out his left hand.
"so hi, my name's steve." i shook it with my good hand.
"i'm rachel." i smiled.
"listen rachel, i haven't been out to dinner in a really long time, so will you go with me this weekend?" he asked.
"of course." i smiled.
"good then it's a date." he smiled, and his friend eric honked his horn at him, and he got up and waved goodbye.

part #132


after hanging out in his room a little, he decided to drive me home. well my mom more demanded me home, so he was forced.  but i still kept his clothes on.
"when do you want these back?" i asked.
"i don't." he smiled.
"okay good." i laughed, as i walked out the front door.  when we got to my house, he got out of the car.
"you know i really don't need to be walked in.  i'm a big girl."
"i wanted to say bye." he frowned. "seeya tomorrow i guess." he turned around, but i stepped in front of him and our lips met, and we shared a passionate kiss for a moment.
"bye." i smiled, breathlessly.
"that's what i call a goodbye." he smiled, and pecked my lips before he walked to his car. i laughed and went inside, and said hi to my parents and went upstairs and showered.  i logged on facebook and i was tagged in a new album.  it was one of blake's from the beach, it was one of me and pat on the beach.  he had already liked it, of course, and there were a few comments.  a few random girls from our grade saying "cute" and stuff like that. i had my glasses in my hair, and pat was holding me tight.  i decided to prof pic it, and then i fell asleep studying.  i woke up the next morning with the same routine, and i put on our soccer rugby shirts and a pair of jeans and flip flops.  i put my hair in a ponytail and left some pieces hanging, and went downstairs to make toast with nutella.  i was running late and delaney had already left. i grabbed pat a yogurt and a plastic spoon, and walked out to the driveway, where he pulled up his silver volvo.
"morning." i smiled, as i got in the passengers seat.
"morning." he smiled, and pecked my lips.
"yogurt okay?"
"yea thanks babe." he said and reversed out of my driveway.  we had a game today, one of the last of the season, but we already knew our seed in the playoffs, because we'd done considerably well in the season.  it should be an easy win.
"hey babe, i'll stop by your game after practice today." pat volunteered.
"you don't have to, they're not that good."
"but i wanna watch you." he joked.
"of course you do. i play defense, it's not that interesting." i said, this was my argument several times to get him not to watch.
"yes, it is.  because you're playing it." he said.
"you make me nervous, like i'm gonna wiff it, or someone will run by me."
"but i know you wont."
"but i make mistakes." i argued.
"devon.'' he looked at me, and i did the same. "i am coming to your game today, whether you like it or not." i smiled.
"whatever." i said, and he pulled into his spot at school.  on the way to the lockerroom he ate his yogurt, and i put my stuff away.  school was boringly, uneventful, and the day passed somewhat quickly, and we were already warming up for our game. 
"white" marwood yelled, and signaled me over.
"yea?" i asked when i ran over.
"how are you feeling?" he asked. rosta was standing right behind him.
"i'm good.  not really anymore headaches." i said, and looked between the two of them. "i have my concussion guard on, i'll be fine."
"i just don't want you to hurt yourself." he said, and pulled his glasses up.  "listen white, i know what happened.  blake filled me in on everything.  this is serious.  you had memory loss, you must've hit your head hard." he said, and i looked down.
"yea, i know."
"i want you for the pack valley game.  no doubt in my mind.  but i don't want you to get hurt at a trivial one like this." he said, and looked at me.
"i understand." i said.
"it's nothing against you.  you work hard.  i just don't want anything to happen today that would jeopardize that."
"no i get it.  i agree."
"you can go finish warming up, but i don't wanna overwork you." he said.
"thanks marwood." i smiled.
"no problem." he said, and i ran over to finish warming up

part #131

once i was done, i changed into a pair of his sweats and his hood.  they drowned me, but i laid on his bed and waited for him to shower.  my hair smelled was damp and the curls were going everywhere on his pillow.  his pillow smelled amazing, with hints of his cologne.  i was soo cozy, and i started to drift in and out of sleep, when the bed shook, and strong arms squeezed me.
"hey you." he said, and i cuddled my head into his chest.
"meeh" i groaned.
"what's wrong?" he asked, and tipped my chin towards him.
"i'm tired." i said, and he kissed my forehead.
"sleep." he offered, "we could watch a movie."
"you have homework to do, and that huge paper is due."
"i can do it later." he said, and i put my face in his chest. i looked up again.
"are you wearing a shirt?"
"of course not." he smiled.
"how are you so warm? i'm freezing."
"let me warm you up." he said, and squeezed me tighter.
"awh thanks babe, you made my bed smell good."
"what's it smell like?" i asked.
"your hair." he smiled, and i laughed.  i felt his chuckle in his lungs.
"good.  you won't forget about me." his laughing stopped.
"i'm really sorry pat." i said, and sat up.  my eye started tearing. 
"dev it wasn't your fault.  you didn't do that on purpose."
"i know.  but i can't believe i forgot you.  like just because i had a seizure.  how stupid am i." i said, and he wiped the tear.
"your okay dev.  you'll be fine." he said, and kissed my cheek.
"this just sucks.  i hate this."
"this?" he asked confused.
"having epilepsy." i said, and sniffed.
"oh, because i thought you were talking about this." he said, and squeezed me tighter. "because i love this. and you." he said, and kissed me.  i smiled.
"i love this and you too.  you're the only reason i'm still here." i smiled  then i heard his mom yell that dinner was ready.
"dinnertime!" i smiled, and he stood up and picked mup by my waist and carried me down.
"pat!" i giggled.
"i'm not putting you down." he laughed
"honey can you get the plate-oh, hey devon." i heard his mom say.
"hi mrs. lickham!" i shouted from behinds back.
"pat, put her down." she chuckled, as he did so.  i fixed my hair while talking to her.
"do you mind if i stay for dinner?" i asked.
"of course not dear, you're always welcome." i smiled, and pat pinched my cheek.
"isn't she cute?" he asked, as he pecked my lips.
"adorable." danny said as he walked into the kitchen, and sat down at his seat.
"what's for dinner?" pat asked as he poured everyone drinks.
"chicken." his mom said,and tossed a salad.
"sounds good." i commented, and erin walked in texting.
"hey dev." she said. "nice outfit..."
"thanks." i laughed, "it's your brother's."
"that's what it's huge on you!" she laughed, and sat down.
"yea my soccer clothes were gross." i said, and i helped pat bring the drinks to the table, and we all sat down.  we talked about school, football, soccer, and everything else.  once we helped clean up, pat and i went upstairs to his room. i sat on his chair, and he just jumped onto his bed and rested his head on his pillow.  i just stared at him, and we had a stare down for like a minute.
"you're gorgeous, you know." i said, and he laughed.
"funny thing, i was just gonna say that to you."
"well you are.  like look at you.  perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect smile." he flashed me a bright white smile.
"yea that one.  and then you have me.  plain me.  brown hair, brown eyes.  average height, little overweight."
"devon, you are not over weight, and you, are perfect in every way."
"you're justt saying that." i whined, as i fixed my hair in his mirror.
"listen to me.  you are beautiful.  you have the most beautiful hair, because i love how i can play with it and you don't care.  you are perfect height because if you were any shorter, it would hurt to kiss you.  you are not overweight because i can wrap my arms around you." i giggled as he came up behind me and squeezed me. we both looked into the mirror.
"and your eyes, are perfect because when i look into them, i see everything i've ever wanted." i smiled, and he leaned down and kissed me. 

part #130


first and second period dragged slowly.  i got a headache during english, so i stopped paying attention.  i could get the notes from someone later.  enhancement fcame and i was in coach mac's room, who was the offensive coordinator.  i had a pretty strong hunch that pat was in there, so i walked in and leaned against my desk.  right before the late bell rang, he slid in with ray and rockne.
"hey babe." he smiled and grabbed my hips and pulled them close to his.
"i didn't know you were in here." he said
"you signed her up." rockne said, and slapped him in the back of the head.  everyone laughed.
"smooth." i said to him, and he pecked my lips.
"how are you feeling?" he asked. he pulled up a chair to my desk.
"yea dev, how's your head?" ray asked.
"i'm okay.  sorry for ruining your guys' weekend." i said, and looked down.  "i started to get a headache during english, so i just zoned out."
"dev you should've stayed home." pat said.
"no i didn't want to." i argued.
"i would've played sick with you." he smiled.
"but you have football." i grinned.
"i don't care." i rolled my eyes.
"pat you have colleges beathing down your neck to make a decision.  you need to play."
"but you're in pain." he said, and frowned. "sit with me." he said, and patted his laps. i jumped up and into his laps, and laid my head on his chest. he squeezed me and whispered "i love you." into my ear.
"i know." i said.  the rest of the day flew by and before i knew it i was at soccer.  i could run and sprint, they just wanted me wearing a concussion guard just in case, but i was forbidden to head the ball.  it was more of a tactical day getting ready for pack valley, but we scrimmaged and i had to put the hideous thing around my head.  after marwood wrapped up practice, i walked down the hill to see pat under the hood of his car, bent over.  i walked over, and slapped his butt, and he jumped.
"hey babe." he laughed.
"hey you." i giggled. "everything okay?"
"yep, just checking the oil." he said, and leaned down to kiss me.
"nice headgear." he smiled.
"shut up." i said, and ripped it off.  i threw my stuff in the trunk and walked around to the passengers' seat.
"wanna come over for dinner?" he asked.  i looked at him.  "we can study too." he offered, and smiled his half smile i couldn't resist.
"okay." i smiled, and asked. "can i shower there though?"
"yea.  i'm gonna take one too." he said, and we pulled out of the parking lot.  we got to his house, and we walked up his driveway.  we got in the house, and danny was of course, getting food.
"sup dev?" he asked.  recently he'd been talking to someone in his grade named nova.  we were friends through soccer and they made such a cute couple.
"hey dan." i said, and he handed me a waterbottle.
"pat can i take some tylenol?" i asked while he got an apple for me.
"sure." he said, and i went into the cabinet where his medicine was and took two tylenol pills.
"where are your parents?" i asked, and he looked at danny.
"not home yet." he said.
"what about erin?"
"soccer practice." danny said.
"look at you, mr. mom." i joked. 
"ha-ha." he said, and went into the living room.
"wanna shower?" pat asked as he took a bite from his apple.
"okay!" i said, and he lead me upstairs. we walked into his enormous room, and i jumped onto his bed.  he laughed, and turned on his laptop.
"do you want to go first?" he asked.
"no you can." i said, and stared at the ceiling.  all of a sudden, a shirt landed on my face, and i heard pat laughing. i sat up and he was just standing there shirtless, and on his skin was a scar right below his stomach.
"hey!" i said, and smiled, and lifted my shirt.  "we match." revealing my same scar.  it looked better on his six pack though.
"i know." he smiled, and took the length of the room in two strides and met me at his bed.  i put my hands around his neck, and he lifted me back on the bed. we laid down, and i messed up his shaggy blond hair.
"i love you." he smiled, and i kissed him.
"shower time." he poked my nose, and jumped up.
"just come in with me." he laughed.
"i'll just wait." i smiled.
"please.." he begged, pulling at my hips.
"pat." i smiled, "hurry up so i can take mine."
"finee." he said, and walked slowly into the bathroom. he stormed back out.
"what am i doing, you can go first." he smiled, and handed me towels.
"you know where the stuff is." he said, and looked at me.
"or do you?" he smiled.
"no i do." i smiled, and ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower.

part #129

here's the premier of homerun part 2 ! i'm just adding on ! hope yoou guys like it (: (:


BEEP BEEP ! my alarm clock rang on a cloudy monday morning.  i rolled over to turn it off, and turned my light on, illuminating my light purple room.  i looked at my dark curly hair in the mirror, and grabbed my towel.  i took a shower, and that really woke me up.  i went back into my room, and checked my phone, and my heart fluttered.
"i'll be over at 7 to pick you up."  even a little text like that makes my heart go insane.  i put on my favorite jeggings, a baby blue american eagle tank, and flip flops.  i scrunched my hair, and blow dried it.  it was 6:45, and i went downstairs to see delaney eating breakfast.
"do you have a ride? pat's taking me today." i said, and poured myself some orange juice to take my medicine.
"yea give me your keys." she said.
"get a ride from someone.  i really don't want my car totaled." i said.
"it's 2 minutes from here." she said.
"fine." i said, and handed her the keys to my silver volkswagen jetta.
"bye love you." she said, grabbed them and her purse, and left. i sat there, and made pat a bagel for breakfast.  he probably forgot to eat.  he usually comes in, gets food, and we leave.
"morning babe." i said, and he gave me a huge smile.
"morning.  can i eat here before we go?"
"what would make it any different than any other day?" i smiled.  "here's a bagel."
"yum thanks babe." he smiled. and i handed that to him and a water bottle, and we were walking out the door.
"oh wait." he said, and turned around and his blue eyes met mine. "good morning beautiful." he said, and pecked my lips.
"morning." i smiled, and we walked to his silver volvo.  i threw my soccer bag in his trunk, next to his football bag, and we drove to school.  he was munching on the bagel, and i put on my ipod, because no good music was ever on in the morning.  it was always talkshows. i put on deuces by chris brown, because he loved that song, and he just laughed.
"i like your hair." he commented.
"i like your face." i said, and he just looked at me.
"so johnny and all of them know i'm okay right, and no one's gonna be giving me looks?" i asked
"yes, and no one knows."
"okay good." i smiled.
"i missed you babe." he said, and squeezed my hand in between the seats.
"i love you too." i said, and put my head back.
"practice tonight?" he asked.
"yea, we're over at 5:30. you?"
"same, but 5.  just lifting today.  i'll wait for you." he said.
"you don't have to, i'll have blake take me home."
"i will take you." he said as we pulled into his spot.
"fine fine." i said and got out of the car.  i grabbed my bag, and pats hand, and we walked into school together.  i had to run into the girls locker room to put my bag there, but pat always waited outside for me.  i was locking my stuff up, when emily walked in.  she was a junior that played defense with us. 
"he's always there, isn't he?" she asked.
"yea, i don't let him in here." i smiled.
"you guys are soo cute." she laughed.
"thanks." i smiled, and walked out and met him, and we walked to our lockers.  blake and chris were down the hall a little bit, so once we were done, we walked over and started talking to them.
"how are you feeling dev?" chris asked.
"i'm good, thanks." i smiled.  my tongue still hurt from biting it, so i talked like an idiot.  note to self, don't talk.  then the first bell rang, and blake and i had to go to anatomy.
"see you at lunch?" i asked.
"enhancement?" he asked
"i'm not sure.  we'll see." i smiled, and he kissed me, and we went our separate ways.

**let me know what you guys thinkkk (: **

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