Status: Hi I'm Darya. I love making people smile and talking to new people so don't be afraid to talk to me(:
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I love making other people happy. I love seeing smiles and laughs. I love making people feel loved and beautiful because they are.

1.  Life is tough but I stay strong for the most part
2. Not afraid to fight for what I believe in
3. Favorite color is green 
4.  um I'm into music that really touches my heart. That the lyrics are meaningful. 
5. I enjoy soccer and dance (:

Quotes by bmoredarebear222

DAD:  We have guests coming soon, get ready.

Me: UGHHH can I sleep instead?
I hate it when at one moment all your sad and angry feelings hit you all at once
I may be young.   But  I'm not stupid.  

I do think logically.  I think about  all the decisions I make and I what I fight for. 

You may be older. Maybe even wiser.  But you don't live in the world I live in.  You don't understand.
    you have to just put your feelings aside and be strong.
                                                All the people living life in peace.
<3 <3 <3 <3
" Being defeated is often a temporary condition.  
                                             Giving up is what makes it permanent." 

" I care"
                  " I love you"
                    " I promise"
All these important phrases
Used as if they mean nothing anymore.
We are sensitive
Every move you make we believe is a sign
We take every single thing to heart
Don't mess up your chance boys
We girls will get fed up eventually