Status: Hi I'm Darya. I love making people smile and talking to new people so don't be afraid to talk to me(:
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I love making other people happy. I love seeing smiles and laughs. I love making people feel loved and beautiful because they are.

1.  Life is tough but I stay strong for the most part
2. Not afraid to fight for what I believe in
3. Favorite color is green 
4.  um I'm into music that really touches my heart. That the lyrics are meaningful. 
5. I enjoy soccer and dance (:

Quotes by bmoredarebear222

       Im on. youre on.  why you no chat me?

ME: heey girlly
HER: hi.
HER: stuff
ME: wat kind of stuff!
HER: stuff
ME: um k? anythin new
HER: idk
ME: um k
HER: ....
          gtg bye

I Thought u were my friend? u cant even have a conversation with me or tell me anything...whats wrong with u?? ive done absolutely nothin wrong and u talk 2 me lik im some crazy person!! I see how u talk with ur other friends...with ethusiasm and happiness. but noooo with me ur lik some silent hate robot!!! if u hate me say it to my face k? cuz friends dont treat each other lik sorry but they dont ;(


beware! and I should know i was friends with one </3

You think you know who your true friends are? wait till high school & see who's there for you when your ex boyfriend spreads rumors about you.  

                Think your tough? Wait till you say the wrong thing to the wrong person-see who backs down first.

Think you're smart? Wait till you have an English paper, science project, history test & a 10 minute monologue due tomorrow cause you were absent for 1 day.

                    Think you're cool? wait till you're the only one who doesn't make the sports team, see how cool you are then.

You think you're popular? Wait till your parents can't afford the new Hollister jeans everyone has.

                    Think you'll never fall in love? Wait till a guy looks deep in your eyes & says he loves you.

Think you'll never get your heart broken? wait till that same guy who said he loved you is holding another girl behind your back. 

                     Think that you're always going to be your own individual? Well wait till one morning when you look in the mirror & you're just like everybody else.

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