Status: Hi I'm Darya. I love making people smile and talking to new people so don't be afraid to talk to me(:
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I love making other people happy. I love seeing smiles and laughs. I love making people feel loved and beautiful because they are.

1.  Life is tough but I stay strong for the most part
2. Not afraid to fight for what I believe in
3. Favorite color is green 
4.  um I'm into music that really touches my heart. That the lyrics are meaningful. 
5. I enjoy soccer and dance (:

bmoredarebear222's Favorite Quotes

I remember when he added me on facebook. He told me he wanted to get to know people who were "witty famous." Then, we started talking and I was like "I Really like this kid." We became best friends. We'd talk every night & he'd be the only person I know up till like 4 in the morning. We would talk about everything. Like the sky was the limit with out conversations. I knew he was stronger than anyone I had ever known. He had gone through so much and look at him, he was an amazing person. I read his lifestory and realized, he was much more than anyone could ever guess.
I reached a bad depression in July. I was on the verge of suicide. cutting, you name it. I'm not proud of it but still. I remember Travis was trying to get me to stop. And I wouldn't. Finally, he threatened to call the cops on me. I know, that sounds bad but it's him caring. I stopped. He made me smile and always checked up on me. He saved my life that night. He was such a great kid w/ a bright mind.
Travis. You have to leave witty for the time being. I'm seriously going to MISS you. I'm going to leave you cute messages all the time since you're such an amazing guy. Then when you sign on you can see how much I love you.
Love you best friend. Thank you for being here for me through everything.

He loves them. Let him smile when he gets back on witty.

Lol So True: #26
When I'm in the movie theather, I always finish the popcorn before the movie starts.

Girl: i'm ugly.

Boy: i'm pregnant.

Girl: whattt?!

Boy: oh sorry, i thought we were stating things that were impossible.
Liam: Louis is the best with children.
Zayn: And the ladies.
Harry: And the men.
Louis: I know, I'm amazing.
Niall: Oh, and he's modest.

I don’t remember ever agreeing to this ‘school’ thing.
It was probably in the terms and conditions.

exit the womb they said
   life will be great they said


Guys are like stars...

there are a million

of them but only

can make your


come true!


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Sorry Mom I can't go outside
I'm  ugly.

The worst part
about summer is                 getting       your period