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Please read.

Yesterday, one of my closest friend's had sister passed away.

She had been a car accident with her fiance and were both rushed to the hospital where she suffered spinal injuries and internal bleeding which led to her being in a coma for 4 days while he stayed in stable condition. I arrived at the hospital on the 4th day when she left this world, seeing all the faces and the tears, hearing the sobs and the wailing, not knowing what'll happen to them now that she's gone, fearing that NOTHING will ever be the same for them. She was only 24 years old and had a beautiful baby girl who is barely 2 years old. She was a very good person, a wonderful daughter, an amzing friend, and so much more. It would help if you would fave this quote to show that you support my friend and her family. Good people like them have the most crappiest things happen for them /:

Thank you for taking some of your time out to read this. 

I have these feeling but it's just not enough to be with you. Should've told you sooner but i always got caught in these emotions. Now i can't help but feel like i'm stuck.

I can put back the pieces,
but they will never fit the same again. 


            You missed your chance a long time ago. 
                               My life is so differrent now. I've changed for the better.

Happiness is a series of choices ;

                               it's not something that just happens 

One decision could change your entire life. 

Love starts out with pure happiness , then things start going out of place && the tears start to form . . then before you know it , you won't be able to take the pain && you'll find yourself with no choice but to let it out . 

The real me used to laugh all night , lying in the grass just talking about Love . 
But lately things been jaded . Life got so complicated . 

This one's for the girls , who've ever had a broken heart ; who've wished upon a shooting star.
Your beautiful the way you are (: 

It's hard to cry , and speak of the past without looking weak .
And it's hard to look weak in front of the ones that you've told to stay strong 

That awkward moment when some guy says " I love you"
but you don't really know what to say cause
you don't really love him back.